Working Papers on Innovation and Space, Department of Geography, Philipps University Marburg

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2015 Joint R and D subsidies, related variety, and regional innovation.Broekel, Tom; Brachert, Matthias; Duschl, Matthias; Brenner, Thomas
2015 Students' Career Attitudes - How Entrepreneurial Are Prospective Scientists?Hesse, Nora
2015 How individual characteristics and attitudes shape the job search process of graduates.von Proff, Sidonia
2014 Science, Innovation and National GrowthBrenner, Thomas
2014 The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Growth - An Empirical Analysis of Different Effects in Less and More Developed CountriesBrenner, Thomas
2014 Weather Conditions and Economic Growth - Is Productivity Hampered by Climate Change?Brenner, Thomas; Lee, Daniel
2014 Regional resilience and fat tails: A stochastic analysis of firm growth rate distributions of German regionsDuschl, Matthias
2014 Network Structures in Regional Innovation SystemsStuck, Jérôme; Broekel, Tom; Revilla, Javier
2014 From here, from there, and from beyond: endogenous and exogenous factors triggering change along the cluster life cycle in a multi-scalar environmentSantner, Dominik; Fornahl, Dirk
2014 The structure and dynamics of R and D collaborations in Europe and the USA (A longitudinal and comparative perspective)von Proff, Sidonia; Lata, Rafael; Brenner, Thomas
2014 Modelling Firm and Market Dynamics - A Flexible Model Reproducing Existing Stylized FactsBrenner, Thomas; Duschl, Matthias
2014 Motives behind the mobility of university graduates - A study of three German universitiesvon Proff, Sidonia; Duschl, Matthias; Brenner, Thomas
2013 Factors explaining the spatial agglomeration of the Creative Class. Empirical evidence for German artistsAlfken, Christoph; Broekel, Tom; Sternberg, Rolf
2013 Detecting Spatial Clustering Using a Firm-Level IndexScholl, Tobias; Brenner, Thomas
2013 Universities as local knowledge hubs under different technology regimes - New evidence from academic patentingDornbusch, Friedrich; Brenner, Thomas
2013 Collision of lions and butterflies or mutual neglect - outside the Anglo-American domain, too? The publication and citation behaviour of economic geographers and geographical economists comparedSternberg, Rolf
2013 The organizational and regional determinants of inter-regional collaborations - Academic inventors as bridging agentsDornbusch, Friedrich; von Proff, Sidonia; Brenner, Thomas
2013 The innovation efficiency of German regions - a shared-input DEA approachBroekel, Tom; Rogge, Nicky; Brenner, Thomas
2013 Universities, Public Research and Regional Innovation Output: An Empirical Study of 19 Technologies in GermanyBrenner, Thomas; Schlump, Charlotte
2013 Micro-dynamics of knowledge: actors, processes and territorial organizationStrambach, Simone
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 50