Working Papers on Innovation and Space, Department of Geography, Philipps University Marburg

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2024The impact of skills shortage on economic development in Germany – A mixed method approachHertrich, Tobias Johannes; Brenner, Thomas
2024When the past becomes the future: The problem of policies in 'left behind' placesHertrich, Tobias Johannes; Brenner, Thomas
2024Looking behind the curtain: a model of left behind places and feelingsHertrich, Tobias Johannes; Brenner, Thomas
2024Decline or renewal? Factors influencing the evolution of mature industrial clustersKönig, Tobias; Brenner, Thomas
2022Skill shortages and industry clusters: Empirical evidence from German establishment dataKönig, Tobias; Brenner, Thomas
2022Where the dandelion meets the road: Location determinants of German bioeconomy patentszu Jeddeloh, S.; von Proff, Sidonia; Brenner, Thomas
2022Effects of regional meteorological and air conditions on community-acquired pneumonia: Examining the interaction of individual, meteorological, and air characteristicsBrenner, Thomas; Link, Ann-Christine; Reudenbach, Christoph; Pott, Hendrik; Rupp, Jan; Witzenrath, Martin; Rohde, Gernot; Pletz, Mathias; Bertrams, Wilhelm; Schmeck, Bernd
2021Classification of regions according to the dominant innovation barriers: The characteristics and stability of regional archetypes in GermanyHertrich, Tobias Johannes; Brenner, Thomas
2021Analysing the spatio-temporal diffusion of economic change - advanced statistical approach and exemplary applicationWardenburg, Sven; Brenner, Thomas
2020'To be or not to be' located in a cluster? A descriptive meta-analysis of the firm-specific cluster effectGrashof, Nils; Fornahl, Dirk
2019Are regional differences in personality and their correlates robust? Applying spatial analysis techniques to examine regional variation in personality across the U.S. and GermanyEbert, Tobias; Gebauer, Jochen E.; Brenner, Thomas; Bleidorn, Wiebke; Gosling, Sam; Potter, Jeff; Rentfrow, P. Jason
2019Location, industry structure and (the lack of) locally specific knowledge: On the diverging development of rural areas in Germany's East and WestMargarian, Anne; Hundt, Christian
2019The impact of place-based policies on perceived regional living conditions across German labor market regions: Examining the impacts on migration flowsWardenburg, Sven; Brenner, Thomas
2019Regional fiscal equalization in Germany: A simultaneous equation approach to assess the economic effects of fiscal policyEberle, Jonathan
2018Absorptive capacity, economic freedom and the conditional effects of regional policyEberle, Jonathan; Brenner, Thomas; Mitze, Timo
2018More publicly funded research, more knowledge spillovers, more economic growth? An empirical analysis for German regionsEberle, Jonathan; Brenner, Thomas; Mitze, Timo
2018Hierarchically structured determinants and phaserelated patterns of economic resilience: An empirical case study for European regionsHoltermann, Linus; Hundt, Christian
2017Identification of clusters: An actor-based approachBrenner, Thomas
2017A look behind the curtain: Measuring the complex economic effects of regional structural funds in GermanyEberle, Jonathan; Brenner, Thomas; Mitze, Timo
2017Gauging two sides of regional economic resilience in Western Germany: Why resistance and recovery should not be lumped togetherPudelko, Franziska; Hundt, Christian
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 76