Working Papers on Innovation and Space, Department of Geography, Philipps University Marburg

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2021 Analysing the spatio-temporal diffusion of economic change - advanced statistical approach and exemplary applicationWardenburg, Sven; Brenner, Thomas
2020 'To be or not to be' located in a cluster? A descriptive meta-analysis of the firm-specific cluster effectGrashof, Nils; Fornahl, Dirk
2019 Location, industry structure and (the lack of) locally specific knowledge: On the diverging development of rural areas in Germany's East and WestMargarian, Anne; Hundt, Christian
2019 The impact of place-based policies on perceived regional living conditions across German labor market regions: Examining the impacts on migration flowsWardenburg, Sven; Brenner, Thomas
2019 Regional fiscal equalization in Germany: A simultaneous equation approach to assess the economic effects of fiscal policyEberle, Jonathan
2019 Are regional differences in personality and their correlates robust? Applying spatial analysis techniques to examine regional variation in personality across the U.S. and GermanyEbert, Tobias; Gebauer, Jochen E.; Brenner, Thomas; Bleidorn, Wiebke; Gosling, Sam; Potter, Jeff; Rentfrow, P. Jason
2018 Hierarchically structured determinants and phaserelated patterns of economic resilience: An empirical case study for European regionsHoltermann, Linus; Hundt, Christian
2018 Absorptive capacity, economic freedom and the conditional effects of regional policyEberle, Jonathan; Brenner, Thomas; Mitze, Timo
2018 More publicly funded research, more knowledge spillovers, more economic growth? An empirical analysis for German regionsEberle, Jonathan; Brenner, Thomas; Mitze, Timo
2017 A look behind the curtain: Measuring the complex economic effects of regional structural funds in GermanyEberle, Jonathan; Brenner, Thomas; Mitze, Timo
2017 Gauging two sides of regional economic resilience in Western Germany: Why resistance and recovery should not be lumped togetherPudelko, Franziska; Hundt, Christian
2017 Identification of clusters: An actor-based approachBrenner, Thomas
2016 Micro-dynamics in regional transition paths to sustainability - an analysis of organizational and institutional change in Augsburg's transition topologyStrambach, Simone; Pflitsch, Gesa
2016 The predominance of social proximity for innovation collaboration of SMEvon Proff, Sidonia
2016 More bucks, more growth, more justice? The effects of regional structural funds on regional economic growth and convergence in GermanyEberle, Jonathan; Brenner, Thomas
2016 Places and spaces in the weightless economyGong, Huiwen
2015 New firm survival: The interdependence between regional externalities and innovativenessEbert, Tobias; Brenner, Thomas; Brixy, Udo
2015 Causal relations between knowledge-intensive business services and regional employment growthBrenner, Thomas; Capasso, Marco; Duschl, Matthias; Frenken, Koen; Treibich, Tania
2015 How individual characteristics and attitudes shape the job search process of graduates.von Proff, Sidonia
2015 Joint R&D subsidies, related variety, and regional innovationBroekel, Tom; Brachert, Matthias; Duschl, Matthias; Brenner, Thomas
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 68