Working Papers on Innovation and Space, Department of Geography, Philipps University Marburg

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2016 Micro-dynamics in regional transition paths to sustainability - an analysis of organizational and institutional change in Augsburg's transition topologyStrambach, Simone; Pflitsch, Gesa
2016 More bucks, more growth, more justice? The effects of regional structural funds on regional economic growth and convergence in GermanyEberle, Jonathan; Brenner, Thomas
2016 The predominance of social proximity for innovation collaboration of SMEvon Proff, Sidonia
2016 Places and spaces in the weightless economyGong, Huiwen
2015 Joint R&D subsidies, related variety, and regional innovationBroekel, Tom; Brachert, Matthias; Duschl, Matthias; Brenner, Thomas
2015 Students' Career Attitudes - How Entrepreneurial Are Prospective Scientists?Hesse, Nora
2015 How individual characteristics and attitudes shape the job search process of graduates.von Proff, Sidonia
2015 Causal relations between knowledge-intensive business services and regional employment growthBrenner, Thomas; Capasso, Marco; Duschl, Matthias; Frenken, Koen; Treibich, Tania
2015 New firm survival: The interdependence between regional externalities and innovativenessEbert, Tobias; Brenner, Thomas; Brixy, Udo
2014 Regional resilience and fat tails: A stochastic analysis of firm growth rate distributions of German regionsDuschl, Matthias
2014 From here, from there, and from beyond: endogenous and exogenous factors triggering change along the cluster life cycle in a multi-scalar environmentSantner, Dominik; Fornahl, Dirk
2014 The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Growth - An Empirical Analysis of Different Effects in Less and More Developed CountriesBrenner, Thomas
2014 Network Structures in Regional Innovation SystemsStuck, Jérôme; Broekel, Tom; Revilla, Javier
2014 Weather Conditions and Economic Growth - Is Productivity Hampered by Climate Change?Brenner, Thomas; Lee, Daniel
2014 The structure and dynamics of R and D collaborations in Europe and the USA (A longitudinal and comparative perspective)von Proff, Sidonia; Lata, Rafael; Brenner, Thomas
2014 Modelling Firm and Market Dynamics - A Flexible Model Reproducing Existing Stylized FactsBrenner, Thomas; Duschl, Matthias
2014 Motives behind the mobility of university graduates - A study of three German universitiesvon Proff, Sidonia; Duschl, Matthias; Brenner, Thomas
2014 Science, Innovation and National GrowthBrenner, Thomas
2013 Collision of lions and butterflies or mutual neglect - outside the Anglo-American domain, too? The publication and citation behaviour of economic geographers and geographical economists comparedSternberg, Rolf
2013 Universities as local knowledge hubs under different technology regimes - New evidence from academic patentingDornbusch, Friedrich; Brenner, Thomas
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 56