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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2021 Linking the performance of entrepreneurial universities to technoparks and university characteristics in TurkeyBaycan Levent, Tüzin; Olcay, Gökçen Arkali
2021 Destination management and sustainable development through the common lens of the commonsRomão, João; Okada, Mayumi; Machino, Kazuo; Nijkamp, Peter
2021 The bias of avoiding spatial dynamic panel models: A tale of two research teamsFischer, Lorenz Benedikt
2021 Spatial health inequality and regional disparities historical evidence from Malaria in ItalyPercoco, Marco
2021 Outflow of talents or exodus? Evidence on youth emigration from EU's peripheral areasMaleszyk, Piotr
2021 Gating as exclusionary commoning in a post-socialist city: Evidence from Gdansk, PolandGrabkowska, Maja; Szmytkowska, Magdalena
2021 The efficiency of tourism sector in EU mediterranean coastal regions: The effects of seasonality and spatiality on demandNiavis, Spyros; Kallioras, Dimitris
2021 Analysing higher educational institutions' role in fulfilling their third missionOdei, S. A.; Anderson, Henry Junior
2021 Collective efficiency and commons in local productive systemsBellandi, Marco
2020 Flatten the curve!: Modeling SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 growth in Germany at the county levelWieland, Thomas
2020 Measures of labour market accessibility: What can we learn from observed commuting patterns?Osland, Liv; Gjestland, Arnstein; Thorsen, Inge
2020 Risky move: New evidence on the determinants of the willingness to migrateJohnes, Geraint
2020 Does the crisis change the nature of agglomeration economies in Indonesia? A productivity analysis of pre-post 1997-1998 financial crisisKhoirunurrofik, Khoirunurrofik
2020 Strengthening local economy: An example of higher education institutions' engagement in "co-creation for sustainability"Bogedain, Anna; Hamm, Rüdiger
2020 Teaching on JupyterReades, Jonathan
2020 The potential of notebooks for scientific publication, reproducibility and disseminationRowe, Francisco; Maier, Gunther; Arribas-Bel, Daniel; Rey, Sergio J.
2020 Macroeconomic determinants of Port and Douro wine exports: An econometric approachMacedo, Anthony; Gouveia, Sofia; Rebelo, João
2020 The impact of migration on a regulated rental marketTyrcha, Adam Alexander
2020 A classification for English primary schools using open dataClark, Stephen; Lomax, Nik; Birkin, Mark
2020 A reproducible notebook to acquire, process and analyse satellite imagery: Exploring long-term urban changesChen, Meixu; Fahrner, Dominik; Arribas-Bel, Daniel; Rowe, Francisco
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 120