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2017 Analysis of freight trip generation model for food and beverage in Belo Horizonte (Brazil)de Oliveira, Leise Kelli; de Albuquerque Nóbrega, Rodrigo Affonso; Ebias, Daniel Gonçalves; e Souza Corrêa, Bruno Gomes
2017 REGION, The journal of ERSA - Special Issue: Well-being in cities and regions: measurement, analysis and policy practicesVeneri, Paolo; Edzes, Arjen J. E.
2017 Well-being in cities and regions: Measurement, analysis and policy practicesVeneri, Paolo; Edzes, Arjen J. E.
2017 Does the increase in house prices influence the creation of business startups? The case of SwedenBerggren, Björn; Fili, Andreas; Wilhelmsson, Mats Håkan
2016 Tree-based approaches for understanding growth patterns in the European regionsAnnoni, Paola; Rubianes, Angél Catalina
2016 A primer for working with the Spatial Interaction modeling (SpInt) module in the python spatial analysis library (PySAL)Oshan, Taylor
2016 Identifying clusters of regions in the European south, based on their economic, social and environmental characteristicsAngelis, Vasilis; Angelis-Dimakis, Athanasios; Dimaki, Katerina
2016 Pride and the cityMorrison, Philip S.
2016 The role of institutional environment in international trade: The case of Spanish regionsMárquez-Ramos, Laura
2016 Regional Science in a time of uncertaintyFingleton, Bernard
2016 Population structures in Russia: Optimality and dependence on parameters of global evolutionYegorov, Yuri
2016 Towards a regional science academy: A manifestoNijkamp, Peter; Kourtit, Karima
2016 LaTeX: Know what you are missingMaier, Gunther
2016 Regional energy effciency programs in Russia: The factors of successRatner, Svetlana Valerievna; Ratner, Pavel
2016 Happiness in Romanian cities on the road from post-communism transition to EU accessionLenzi, Camilla; Perucca, Giovanni
2016 Cities and inequalityMichelangeli, Alessandra; Peluso, Eugenio
2016 Social capital and economic well-being in Germany's regions: An exploratory spatial data analysisBotzen, Katrin
2016 Increasing innovativeness of SMEs in peripheral areas through international networks? The case of Southern ItalyCalignano, Giuseppe; Hassink, Robert
2016 Editorial: Regional Science debates take place in REGIONRoyuela, Vicente
2016 Subjective wellbeing impacts of national and subnational fiscal policiesGrimes, Arthur; Ormsby, Judd; Robinson, Anna; Wong, Siu Yuat
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 42