ADB Economics Working Paper Series, Asian Development Bank (ADB)

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015 Financial Inclusion, Poverty, and Income Inequality in Developing AsiaPark, Cyn-Young; Mercado, Rogelio
2015 Myanmar: Cross-Cutting Governance ChallengesHendrix, Cullen; Noland, Marcus
2015 Price Discovery and Foreign Participation in the Republic of Korea's Government Bond Cash and Futures MarketsPark, Cyn-Young; Mercado, Rogelio; Choi, Jaehun; Lim, Hosung
2015 Economic Growth, Financial Development, and Income InequalityPark, Donghyun; Shin, Kwanho
2015 Enhancing Bank Supervision in Asia: Lessons Learned from the Financial CrisisZamorski, Michael J.; Lee, Minsoo
2015 An Empirical Estimation of Asia's Untapped Regional Integration Potential Using Data Envelopment AnalysisNaeher, Dominik
2015 Bond Market Development in Developing AsiaBurger, John D.; Warnock, Francis E.; Warnock, Veronica Cacdac
2015 Financial Inclusion in Asia: An OverviewAyyagari, Meghana; Beck, Thorsten
2015 The Recent Convergence of Financial Development in AsiaDekle, Robert; Pundit, Madhavi
2015 The Noodle Bowl Effect: Stumbling or Building Block?Kang, Jong Woo
2015 Developing Myanmar's Information and Communication Technology Sector toward Inclusive GrowthNam, Kee-Yung; Cham, Maria Rowena; Halili, Paulo Rodelio
2015 What Accounts for the Growth of Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Advanced and Emerging Economies? The Role of Consumption, Technology, and Global Supply Chain TradeFerrarini, Benno; de Vries, Gaaitzen J.
2015 Cambodia's Special Economic ZonesWarr, Peter; Menon, Jayant
2015 The Financial Systems of Financially Less Developed Asian Economies: Key Features and Reform PrioritiesBatten, Aaron; Doung, Poullang; Enkhbold, Enerelt; Estrada, Gemma; Hansen, Jan; Luarsabishvili, George; Mortaza, Md. Golam; Park, Donghyun
2015 Global Agrifood Value Chains and Local Poverty Reduction: What Happens to Those Who Don't Plug In?Chang, Han-hsin; DiCaprio, Alisa; Sahara, Sahara
2015 Institutional Quality, Trade Openness, and Financial Sector Development in Asia: An Empirical InvestigationLe, Thai-ha; Kim, Jungsuk; Lee, Minsoo
2015 The Selection of Trade Integration Indicators: Intraregional Share, Intensity, Homogeneous Intensity, and Introversion IndexHamanaka, Shintaro
2015 The Impact of Financial Factors on the Output Gap and Estimates of Potential Output GrowthFelipe, Jesus; Sotocinal, Noli; Bayudan-Dacuycuy, Connie
2015 Constructing a Bias-Free Trade Governance Indicator: Revealing the Biases of Existing Survey IndicatorsHamanaka, Shintaro; Tafgar, Aiken; Ico, Ronald
2015 Taper Tantrum and Emerging Equity Market SlumpsEstrada, Gemma B.; Park, Donghyun; Ramayandi, Arief
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 359