Latin American Economic Review: Official Journal of Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económica (CIDE), SpringerOpen

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2016 Impact of environmental and social attitudes, and family concerns on willingness to pay for improved air quality: A contingent valuation application in Mexico CityFilippini, Massimo; Martínez-Cruz, Adán L.
2016 Great expectations? Evidence from Colombia's exchange rate surveyEchavarria, Juan Jose; Villamizar-Villegas, Mauricio
2016 Does corruption affect cooperation? A laboratory experimentCampos Vázquez, Raymundo M.; Mejia, Luis A.
2016 The economic integration of Spain: A change in the inflation patternGarcía-Cintado, Alejandro C.; Romero-Ávila, Diego; Usabiaga, Carlos
2016 Does the commodities boom support the export led growth hypothesis? Evidence from Latin American countriesKristjanpoller, Werner; Olson, Josephine E.; Salazar, Rodolfo I.
2015 Intergenerational transmission of education: The relative importance of transmission channelsChávez Juárez, Florian Wendelspiess
2015 The rise of noncommunicable diseases in Latin America and the Caribbean: Challenges for public health policiesAnauati, Maria Victoria; Galiani, Sebastian; Weinschelbaum, Federico
2015 Introduction to research at the policy frontier in Latin AmericaGaliani, Sebastian
2015 Urban infrastructure in Latin America and the Caribbean: Public policy prioritiesJaitman, Laura
2015 Progress and challenges in achieving an evidence-based education policy in Latin America and the CaribbeanUrquiola, Miguel
2015 Climate change in Latin America and the Caribbean: Policy options and research prioritiesFeld, Brian; Galiani, Sebastian
2015 Implicit redistribution within Argentina's social security system: A micro-simulation exerciseMoncarz, Pedro E.
2015 Measuring the efficiency of public schools in Uruguay: Main drivers and policy implicationsSantín, Daniel; Sicilia, Gabriela
2015 Product competition and R&D investment under spillovers within full or partial collusion gamesZhao, Kai
2015 Inflation targeting and term premia estimates for Latin AmericaBlak, Andrew P.; Rule, Garreth R.; Rummel, Ole J.
2015 A robust Bayesian dynamic linear model for Latin-American economic time series: "the Mexico and Puerto Rico cases"Fúquene, Jairo; Álvarez, Marta; Pericchi, Luis Raúl
2015 Does access to free health insurance crowd-out private transfers? Evidence from Mexico's Seguro PopularOrraca-Romano, Pedro P.
2015 On intergenerational (im)mobility in Latin AmericaDaude, Christian; Robano, Virginia
2015 US-Mexico border tourism and day trips: An aberration in globalization?Berdell, John; Ghoshal, Animesh
2015 Does access to health insurance reduce the risk of miscarriages? Evidence from Mexico's Seguro popularPfutze, Tobias
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 52