Jena Economic Research Papers, Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena

Diese Sammlung enthält die Jena Economic Research Papers ab dem Jahrgang 2015. Die von 2007 bis 2014 innerhalb dieser Reihe erschienenen Papiere sind hier zu finden:

This collection contains the Jena Economic Research Papers from the year 2015 on. The papers published from 2007 to 2014 can be found here:

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020 The deep imprint of Roman sandals: Evidence of long-lasting effects of Roman rule on personality , economic performance, and well-being in GermanyFritsch, Michael; Obschonka, Martin; Wahl, Fabian; Wyrwich, Michael
2020 Accounting for intergenerational social immobility in low- and middle-income countriesKoenings, Fabian; Schwab, Jakob
2020 Sinking or swimming in the cluster labor pool? A firm-specific analysis of the effect of specialized labourGrashof, Nils
2020 Is innovation (increasingly) concentrated in large cities? An international comparisonFritsch, Michael; Wyrwich, Michael
2020 Protecting investors in equity crowdfunding: An empirical analysis of the small investor protection actGoethner, Maximilian; Hornuf, Lars; Regner, Tobias
2020 Does successful innovation require large urban areas? Germany as a counterexampleFritsch, Michael; Wyrwich, Michael
2020 Regional trajectories of entrepreneurship: The effect of socialism and transitionFritsch, Michael; Kristalova, Maria; Wyrwich, Michael
2020 Smart specialization strategies at national, regional, or local levels? Synergy and policy-making in German systems of innovationRuhrmann, Henriette; Fritsch, Michael; Leydesdorff, Loet
2020 Historical institutional differences and entrepreneurship: The case of socialist legacy in VietnamFisch, Christian; Wyrwich, Michael; Thi Lanh Nguyen; Block, Jörn Hendrich
2020 The value orientation of entrepreneurs in challenging institutional contexts: Insights from a unique historical episodeWyrwich, Michael
2020 To securitize or to price credit risk?McGowan, Danny; Nguyen, Huyen
2020 The power of close relationships and audiences: Interpersonal closeness and payment observability as determinants of voluntary paymentsHofmann, Elisa
2020 Bridging technologies in the regional knowledge space: Measurement and evolutionBasilico, Stefano; Graf, Holger
2020 What is inclusive development? Introducing the multidimensional inclusiveness indexDörffel, Christoph; Schuhmann, Sebastian
2020 Initial conditions and regional performance in the aftermath of disruptive shocks: The case of East Germany after socialismFritsch, Michael; Wyrwich, Michael
2020 One transition story does not fit them all: Initial regional conditions and new business formation after socialismFritsch, Michael; Kristalova, Maria; Wyrwich, Michael
2020 Public research and the quality of inventions: The role and impact of entrepreneurial universities and regional network embeddednessGraf, Holger; Menter, Matthias
2019 Types of institutions and well-being of self-employed and paid employees in EuropeFritsch, Michael; Sorgner, Alina; Wyrwich, Michael
2019 Coming to stay or to go? Stay intention and involved uncertainty of international studentsKoenings, Fabian; Haußen, Tina; Töpfer, Stefan; Übelmesser, Silke
2019 Predicting ordinary and severe recessions with a three-state Markov-switching dynamic factor modelCarstensen, Kai; Heinrich, Markus; Reif, Magnus; Wolters, Maik H.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 112