Jena Economic Research Papers, Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena

Diese Sammlung enthält die Jena Economic Research Papers ab dem Jahrgang 2015. Die von 2007 bis 2014 innerhalb dieser Reihe erschienenen Papiere sind hier zu finden:

This collection contains the Jena Economic Research Papers from the year 2015 on. The papers published from 2007 to 2014 can be found here:

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 Regional knowledge, entrepreneurial culture and innovative start-ups over time and space: An empirical investigationFritsch, Michael; Wyrwich, Michael
2018 Knowledge interactions in regional innovation networks: Comparing data sourcesFritsch, Michael; Titze, Mirko; Piontek, Matthias
2018 Migration restrictions and long-term regional development: Evidence from large-scale expulsions of Germans after World War IIWyrwich, Michael
2017 Woman and the labour market in East and West Germany: Socialist legacy and pre-socialist traditionWyrwich, Michael
2017 Cross-faculty proximity and academic entrepreneurship: The role of business schoolsGoethner, Maximilian; Wyrwich, Michael
2017 Regional innovator networks: A review and an application with RGraf, Holger
2017 Identifying technological sub-trajectories in photovoltaic patentsKalthaus, Martin
2017 TV and entrepreneurshipSlavtchev, Viktor; Wyrwich, Michael
2017 Business cycles and start-ups across industries: An empirical analysis for GermanyFritsch, Michael; Konon, Alexander; Kritikos, Alexander
2017 Does risk communication really decrease cooperation in climate change mitigation?Bravo, Giangiacomo; Farjam, Mike; Nikolaychuk, Olexandr
2017 How the baby boomers' retirement wave distorts model-based output gap estimatesWolters, Maik H.
2017 Spatial price transmission and trade policies: New evidence for agricultural products from selected sub-Saharan African countries with high frequency dataFricke, Susanne; Muratori, Lodovico
2017 The fluidity of inventor networksFritsch, Michael; Zöllner, Moritz
2017 Auctions and leaks: A theoretical and experimental investigationFischer, Sven; Güth, Werner; Kaplan, Todd R.; Zultan, Ro'i
2017 Low long-term interest rates: An alternative viewBehrendt, Stefan
2017 Incumbents' asymmetric responses to environmentally friendly entrants in the automotive industryDiekhof, Josefine; Cantner, Uwe
2017 Trade patterns and the ecological footprint a theory-based empirical approachDam, Thi Anh; Pasche, Markus; Werlich, Niclas
2017 Unconventional monetary policy effects on bank lending in the euro areaBehrendt, Stefan
2017 Persistence of regional entrepreneurship: Causes, effects, and directions for future researchFritsch, Michael; Wyrwich, Michael
2016 Worker personality: Another skill bias beyond education in the digital ageBode, Eckhardt; Brunow, Stephan; Ott, Ingrid; Sorgner, Alina
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 69