TUC Working Papers in Economics, Abteilung für Volkswirtschaftslehre, Technische Universität Clausthal

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2018Pricing in asymmetric two-sided markets: A laboratory experimentWeghake, Jens; Erlei, Mathias; Keser, Claudia; Schmidt, Martin
2018Wa(h)re Liebe: Was Online-Dating-Plattformen über zweiseitige Märkte lehrenWeghake, Jens; Roß, Wiebke
2016The enterprise is the actual place for the entrepreneurial function in economic theoryBraun, Eduard
2016Why the QWERTY-phenomenon is not just "in the minds of theorists" and why it could nonetheless be no problem in realityWeghake, Jens; Grabicki, Fabian
201510 Jahre YouTube: Von dem Aufstieg einer Plattform und der Entwicklung neuer Märkte zum Kollateralschaden einer Google-Regulierung?Roß, Wiebke; Weghake, Jens
2015The theory of capital as a theory of capitalism: Hidden Austrian contributions to a historically specific approach to capitalBraun, Eduard
2014Price Formation of Exhaustible Resources: An Experimental Investigation of the Hotelling RuleNeumann, Christoph; Erlei, Mathias
2014Just a Matter of Prospect (Theory)? - The Ecological Rationality of the Traditional Accounting PrinciplesBraun, Eduard
2013Carl Menger’s Contribution to Capital TheoryBraun, Eduard
2013Critical Reflections on Rothbard’s Concept of Gross InvestmentBraun, Eduard
2013Bounded Rationality as an Essential Component of the Holdup ProblemErlei, Mathias; Roß, Wiebke
2012Bounded Rationality in Principal‐Agent RelationshipsErlei, Mathias; Schenk-Mathes, Heike
2012Quasi-Rational R&D Behavior in an Environment with Fundamental UncertaintyDimmig, Anne-Kathrin; Erlei, Mathias
2012To Choose or Not to Choose: Contracts, Reference Points, Reciprocity, and SignalingErlei, Mathias; Reinhold, Christian
2006Small is Successful!? A Study of Exit Behavior in a Declining Markets ExperimentErlei, Mathias; Springmann, Jens-Peter
2005Die Förderung erneuerbarer Energien in der Stromerzeugung auf dem ordnungspolitischen PrüfstandSpringmann, Jens-Peter
2004Endogenous Property Rights in a Hold up-ExperimentErlei, Mathias; Siemer, J. Philipp
2003Heterogeneous Social PreferencesErlei, Mathias
2002Some forgotten equilibria of the Bertrand duopoly!?Erlei, Mathias
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 19 von 19