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Stamboliski, Vasil
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[Journal:] UTMS Journal of Economics [ISSN:] 1857-6982 [Volume:] 5 [Year:] 2014 [Issue:] 2 [Pages:] 253-262
The dynamic rhythm of living in today's contemporary surroundings can not be considered without the use of personal and commercial vehicles, for transport of passengers and cargo. This means that every manufacturer in this segment, in their departments for development, find a way to increase their participation in the market. Since the race with time, for promoting new models on the market, not always is in positive relation with the profit which the manufacturer plans to achieve, issues the manufacturer's focus in the after-sale activities. The body shop with its service, as part of the after-sale activities, brings the client satisfaction to a higher level and of course contributes to realization of higher profit of the company. The setting of the equipment and the staff management, the analysis of the number of entries and realized working hours in the body shop of an importer centre are the central topic/main subject for the author in this paper work. Finding the key factors, as well as the possibility for implementation of the key factors, would reflect increased number of entries, increased number of realized working hours and possibility for improving of the existing system of managing.
body shop
realized working hours
body-shop organization
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