Oldenburg Discussion Papers in Economics, Institut für Volkswirtschaftslehre, Universität Oldenburg

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2023 Locust infestations and individual school dropout: Evidence from AfricaAsare, Abigail O.; Dannemann, Bernhard Christopher; Gören, Erkan
2022 Intensity-based rebating of emission pricing revenuesBöhringer, Christoph; Fischer, Carolyn; Rivers, Nicholas
2021 Do social norms trump rational choice in voluntary climate change mitigation? Multi-country evidence of social tipping pointsWelsch, Heinz
2021 Station heterogeneity and asymmetric gasoline price responsesAsane-Otoo, Emmanuel; Dannemann, Bernhard C.
2021 Climate policies after Paris: Pledge, trade and recycle. Insights from the 36th Energy Modeling Forum Study (EMF36)Böhringer, Christoph; Peterson, Sonja; Rutherford, Thomas F.; Schneider, Jan; Winkler, Malte
2021 The incidence of CO2 emissions pricing under alternative international market responses: A computable general equilibrium analysis for GermanyBöhringer, Christoph; Rutherford, Thomas F.; Schneider, Jan
2021 What shapes cognitions of climate change in Europe? Ideology, morality and the role of educational attainmentWelsch, Heinz
2020 Peer effects in secondary education: Evidence from the 2015 trends in mathematics and science study based on homophilyDannemann, Bernhard C.
2020 Modeling the out-of-equilibrium dynamics of bounded rationality and economic constraintsRichters, Oliver
2020 Kill Bill or tax: An analysis of alternative CO2 price floor options for EU member statesBöhringer, Christoph; Fischer, Carolyn
2020 Europe beyond coal: An economic and climate impact assessmentBöhringer, Christoph; Rosendahl, Knut Einar
2020 How climate-friendly behavior relates to moral identity and identity-protective cognition: Evidence from the European social surveysWelsch, Heinz
2020 Better off on their own? How peer effects determine international patterns of the mathematics gender achievement gapDannemann, Bernhard C.
2019 Smart hedging against carbon leakageBöhringer, Christoph; Rosendahl, Knut Einar; Storrøsten, Halvor Briseid
2019 Greener and fairer: A progressive environmental tax reform for SpainBöhringer, Christoph; Garcia-Muros, Xaquin; González-Eguino, Mikel
2019 Renewable energy policies in federal government systemsMeya, Jasper; Neetzow, Paul
2019 Multidimensional inequality and divergence: The Eurozone crisis in retrospectPoppitz, Philipp
2019 Pro-environmental norms and subjective well-being: Panel evidence from the UKBinder, Martin; Blankenberg, Ann-Kathrin; Welsch, Heinz
2019 The relationship between age and subjective well-being: Estimating within and between effects simultaneouslyBiermann, Philipp; Bitzer, Jürgen; Gören, Erkan
2019 Rockets and feathers revisited: Asymmetric retail fuel pricing in the era of market transparencyAsane-Otoo, Emmanuel; Dannemann, Bernhard
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 120