MaxPo Discussion Paper Series, Max Planck Sciences Po Center on Coping with Instability in Market Societies (MaxPo)

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2021The political economy of law enforcementDewey, Matías; Woll, Cornelia; Ronconi, Lucas
2021Ups and downs in finance, ups without downs in inequalityGodechot, Olivier; Neumann, Nils; Apascaritei, Paula; Boza, István; Hällsten, Martin; Henriksen, Lasse Folke; Hermansen, Are; Hou, Feng; Jung, Jiwook; Kodama, Naomi; Křížková, Alena; Lippényi, Zoltán; Marta, Elvira; Melzer, Silvia Maja; Mun, Eunmi; Sabanci, Halil; Soener, Matthew; Thaning, Max
2021Gauging the gravity of the situation: The use and abuse of expertise in estimating the economic costs of BrexitSemken, Christoph; Hay, Colin
2020Primary dealer systems in the European UnionPreunkert, Jenny
2020An obituary for austerity narratives? An experimental analysis of public opinion shifts and class dynamics during the Covid-19 crisisFerragina, Emanuele; Zola, Andrew
2020The great separation: Top earner segregation at work in high-income countriesGodechot, Olivier; Apascaritei, Paula; Boza, István; Henriksen, Lasse Folke; Hermansen, Are Skeie; Hou, Feng; Kodama, Naomi; Křížková, Alena; Jung, Jiwook; Elvira, Marta M.; Melzer, Silvia Maja; Mun, Eunmi; Sabanci, Halil; Thaning, Max; Bandelj, Nina; Baudour, Alexis; Avent-Holt, Dustin; Mrécela, Aleksandra Kanjuo; Lippényi, Zoltán; Penner, Andrew; Petersen, Trond; Poje, Andreja; Rainey, William; Safi, Mirna; Soener, Matthew; Tomaskovic-Devey, Donald
2020Growth models and the footprint of transnational capitalKaczmarczyk, Patrick
2020The ambiguous consensus on fiscal rules: How ideational ambiguity has facilitated social democratic parties' support of structural deficit rules in the eurozoneEisl, Andreas
2019Towards a political economy of monetary dependency: The case of the CFA franc in West AfricaKoddenbrock, Kai; Sylla, Ndongo Samba
2019Structural exchange pays off: Reciprocity in boards and executive compensations in US firms (1990-2015)Godechot, Olivier; Horton, Joanne; Millo, Yuval
2018Destabilizing orders - Understanding the consequences of neoliberalism. Proceedings of the MaxPo Fifth-Anniversary Conference, Paris, January 12-13, 2018Andersson, Jenny; Godechot, Olivier
2017Explaining variation in public debt: A quantitative analysis of the effects of governanceEisl, Andreas
2016The power of weak interests in financial reforms: Explaining the creation of a US consumer agencyKastner, Lisa
2016How to make a deal: The role of rankings and personal ties in creating trust in the M&A marketBoussard, Valérie; Godechot, Olivier; Woloszko, Nicolas
2016Economic discourse and the European integration of financial infrastructures and financial marketsKrarup, Troels
2015Politics in the interest of capital: A not-so-organized combatWoll, Cornelia
2015Financialization is marketization! A study on the respective impact of various dimensions of financialization on the increase in global inequalityGodechot, Olivier
2015A relationship and a practice: On the French sociology of creditLacan, Laure; Lazarus, Jeanne
2014The chance of influence: A natural experiment on the role of social capital in academic hiringGodechot, Olivier
2014Governance by labelsBergeron, Henri; Castel, Patrick; Dubuisson-Quellier, Sophie
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 25
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