Munich Discussion Papers, Volkswirtschaftliche Fakultät, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

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2016 Cooperating over losses and competing over gains: A social dilemma experimentIspano, Alessandro; Schwardmann, Peter
2016 Weather and the psychology of purchasing outdoor-movie ticketsBuchheim, Lukas; Kolaska, Thomas
2016 Unleashing animal spirits: Self-control and overpricing in experimental asset marketsKocher, Martin; Lucks, Konstantin E.; Schindler, David
2016 Regulatory competition in capital standards with selection effects among banksHaufler, Andreas; Maier, Ulf
2016 Optimal policies against profit shifting: The role of controlled-foreign-company rulesHaufler, Andreas; Mardan, Mohammed; Schindler, Dirk
2016 Temporary agency work and the great recessionBaumgarten, Daniel; Kvasnicka, Michael
2016 Efficiency wages: Variants and implicationsSchlicht, Ekkehart
2016 I lie? We lie! Why? Experimental evidence on a dishonesty shift in groupsKocher, Martin; Schudy, Simeon; Spantig, Lisa
2015 Immigration, regional conditions, and crime: Evidence from an allocation policy in GermanyPiopiunik, Marc; Ruhose, Jens
2015 Trade, technologies, and the evolution of corporate governanceSchymik, Jan Simon
2015 Credit constraints, endogenous innovations, and price setting in international tradeEckel, Carsten; Unger, Florian
2015 Immigration and educational spillovers: Evidence from Sudeten German expellees in post-war BavariaSemrad, Alexandra
2015 Ambiguity aversion is the exceptionKocher, Martin G.; Lahno, Amrei Marie; Trautmann, Stefan T.
2015 Forward guidance at the zero lower bound in a model of price-level targetingIlling, Gerhard; Siemsen, Thomas
2015 MuCap: Connecting FaceReaderTM to z-TreeDoyle, Leonard; Schindler, David
2015 International migration of couplesJunge, Marin; Munk, Martin D.; Poutvaara, Panu
2015 Educational expansion and social composition of secondary schools: Evidence from Bavarian school registries 1810-1890Semrad, Alexandra
2015 Heterogeneous preferences and investments in energy saving measuresFischbacher, Urs; Schudy, Simeon; Teyssier, Sabrina
2015 Weak markets, strong teachers: Recession at career start and teacher effectivenessNagler, Markus; Piopiunik, Marc; West, Martin R.
2015 Directed technical change and capital deepening: A reconsideration of Kaldor's technical progress functionSchlicht, Ekkehart
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 413