DEP (Socioeconomics) Discussion Papers, Macroeconomics and Finance Series, Fachbereich Sozialökonomie, Universität Hamburg

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2020Sharks and minnows in a shoal of words: Measuring latent ideological positions of German economic research institutes based on text mining techniquesDiaf, Sami; Döpke, Jörg; Fritsche, Ulrich; Rockenbach, Ida
2019Oil price shocks and protest: Can shadow economy mitigate?Ishak, Phoebe W.; Fritsche, Ulrich
2018Predictability of Euro area revisionsGlass, Katharina
2018Has macroeconomic forecasting changed after the Great Recession? Panel-based evidence on accuracy and forecaster behaviour from GermanyDöpke, Jörg; Fritsche, Ulrich; Müller, Karsten
2018Deciphering professional forecasters' stories: Analyzing a corpus of textual predictions for the German economyFritsche, Ulrich; Puckelwald, Johannes
2018A microfounded model of money demand under uncertainty, and some empirical evidenceGrößl, Ingrid; Tarassow, Artur
2017Theories, techniques and the formation of German business cycle forecasts: Evidence from a survey among professional forecastersDöpke, Jörg; Fritsche, Ulrich; Waldhof, Gabi
2017Forecasting growth of U.S. aggregate and household-sector M2 after 2000 using economic uncertainty measuresTarassow, Artur
2016Are consumers planning consumption according to an Euler equation?Dräger, Lena
2016Animal spirits, the stock market, and the unemployment rate: Some evidence for German dataFritsche, Ulrich; Pierdzioch, Christian
2016Labor productivity slowdown in the developed economies: Another productivity puzzle?Erber, Georg; Fritsche, Ulrich; Harms, Patrick
2016Personal insolvency dynamics in Germany and the UK: A SUR-TAR approachKönig, Nadja
2016Household debt and macrodynamics: How do income distribution and insolvency regulations interact?König, Nadja
2015Real-time macroeconomic data and uncertaintyGlass, Katharina; Fritsche, Ulrich
2015Market discipline across bank governance models: Empirical evidence from German depositorsArnold, Eva A.; Größl, Ingrid; Koziol, Philipp
2015A microfounded model of money demand under uncertainty, and its empirical validation using cointegration and rolling-window dynamic multiplier analysisGrößl-Gschwendtner, Ingrid; Tarassow, Artur
2015Predicting recessions in Germany with boosted regression treesDöpke, Jörg; Fritsche, Ulrich; Pierdzioch, Christian
2015Financial investment constraints: A panel threshold application to German firm level dataTarassow, Artur
2015Cross-border banking and business cycles in asymmetric currency unionsDräger, Lena; Proaño, Christian R.
2015Disagreement à la Taylor: Evidence from survey microdataDräger, Lena; Lamla, Michael J.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 68