VID Working Papers, Vienna Institute of Demography, Austrian Academy of Sciences

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2019 Under-five child growth and nutrition status: Spatial clustering of Indian districtsStriessnig, Erich; Bora, Jayanta Kumar
2019 Mortality in sub-Saharan Africa: What is killing adults aged 15-59 years in Zambia?Chisumpa, Vesper H.; Odimegwu, Clifford O.; Saikia, Nandita
2019 Intentions and childbearing in a cross-domain life course approach: The case of AustraliaTesta, Maria Rita; Bolano, Danilo
2019 Assessing the 2017 census of Pakistan using demographic analysis: A sub-national perspectiveWazir, Muhammad Asif; Goujon, Anne
2019 The gender dimension of intergenerational transfers in EuropeHammer, Bernhard; Spitzer, Sonja; Vargha, Lili; Istenič, Tanja
2019 Simulating family life courses: An application for Italy, Great Britain, and ScandinaviaWinkler-Dworak, Maria; Beaujouan, Éva; Di Giulio, Paola; Spielauer, Martin
2019 Global reconstruction of educational attainment, 1950 to 2015: Methodology and assessmentSperinger, Markus; Goujon, Anne; KC, Samir; Potančoková, Michaela; Reiter, Claudia; Jurasszovich, Sandra; Eder, Jakob
2019 Growth and collapse of empires: A dynamic optimization modelYegorov, Yuri; Grass, Dieter; Mirescu, Magda; Feichtinger, Gustav; Wirl, Franz
2018 Religious affiliations in Austria at the provincial level: Estimates for Vorarlberg, 2001-2018Goujon, Anne; Reiter, Claudia; Potančoková, Michaela
2018 The motherhood wage penalty: A meta-analysisCukrowska-Torzewska, Ewa; Matysiak, Anna
2018 The effect of nativity, duration of residence, and age at arrival on obesity: Evidence from an Australian longitudinal studyJatrana, Santosh; Richardson, Ken; Pasupuleti, Samba Siva Rao
2018 The subjective cost of young children: A European comparisonSpitzer, Sonja; Greulich, Angela; Hammer, Bernhard
2018 High and higher: Fertility of black and white women with college and postgraduate education in the United StatesNitsche, Natalie; Brückner, Hannah
2018 Experts' expectations of future vulnerability at the peak of the "refugee crisis"Riederer, Bernhard Edwin
2018 Preferences, partners, and parenthood: Linking early fertility desires, union formation timing, and achieved fertilityNitsche, Natalie; Hayford, Sarah
2018 Late fertility intentions and fertility in AustriaBeaujouan, Éva
2018 Didn't plan one but got one: Unintended and sooner-than-intended births among men and women in six European countriesBrzozowska, Zuzanna; Buber-Ennser, Isabella; Riederer, Bernhard; Potančoková, Michaela
2018 The part-time revolution: Changes in the parenthood effect on woman's employment in AustriaBerghammer, Caroline; Riederer, Bernhard
2018 The Great Recession and fertility in Europe: A sub-national analysisMatysiak, Anna; Vignoli, Daniele; Sobotka, Tomáš
2018 Bowling together: Scientific collaboration networks of demographers at European Population ConferencesAbel, Guy; Zagheni, Emilio; Bordone, Valeria; Muttarak, Raya
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 143