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2023 Mutual fund shareholder letters: Flows, performance, and managerial behaviorHillert, Alexander; Niessen-Ruenzi, Alexandra; Ruenzi, Stefan
2023 Who should hold bail-inable debt and how can regulators police holding restrictions effectively?Mecatti, Irene; Tröger, Tobias
2023 Mamma Mia! Revealing hidden heterogeneity by PCA-biplot: MPC puzzle for Italy's elderly poorRadermacher, Jan W.
2023 The role of personality traits in household loan expectations and borrowing constraintsGoldfayn-Frank, Olga; Vellekoop, Nathanael
2023 Age, wealth, and the MPC in Europe: A supervised machine learning approachDutt, Satyajit; Radermacher, Jan W.
2023 Do gamblers invest in lottery stocks?Kormanyos, Emily; Hanspal, Tobin; Hackethal, Andreas
2023 Optimal policy under dollar pricingEgorov, Konstantin; Mukhin, Dmitry
2023 How speculative asset characteristics shape retail investors' selling behaviorBernard, Sabine Esther; Weber, Martin; Loos, Benjamin
2023 Liquidity support and distress resilience in bank-affiliated mutual fundsBagattini, Giulio; Fecht, Falko; Maddaloni, Angela
2023 Net-zero transition and divestments of carbon-intensive assetsGözlügöl, Alperen Afðsin; Ringe, Wolf-Georg
2023 Pricing climate transition risk: Evidence from European corporate CDSVozian, Katia; Costola, Michele
2023 Uncertainty, risk, and capital growthSegal, Gill; Shaliastovich, Ivan
2023 The oscillating domains of public and private marketsGözlügöl, Alperen A.; Greth, Julian; Tröger, Tobias
2023 Retained earnings and foreign portfolio ownership: Implications for the current account debateGoldbach, Stefan; Harms, Philipp; Jochem, Axel; Nitsch, Volker; Weichenrieder, Alfons J.
2023 How to green the European Auto ABS market? A literature surveyLatino, Carmelo; Pelizzon, Loriana; Riedel, Max
2023 The Preference Survey Module: Evidence on social preferences from TehranKosfeld, Michael; Sharafi, Zahra
2023 Bank dividend restrictions and banks' institutional investorsMücke, Christian
2023 Firm-bank relationships: A cross-country comparisonKosekova, Kamelia; Maddaloni, Angela; Papoutsi, Melina; Schivardi, Fabiano
2023 Please take over: XAI, delegation of authority, and domain knowledgeBauer, Kevin; von Zahn, Moritz; Hinz, Oliver
2023 Homeownership rates, housing policies, and co-residence decisionsGrevenbrock, Nils; Ludwig, Alexander; Siassi, Nawid
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 401
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