IFN Working Papers, Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN)

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020 Entrepreneurship prompts institutional change in developing economiesElert, Niklas; Henrekson, Magnus
2019 Economic incentives, home production and gender identity normsIchino, Andrea; Olsson, Martin; Petrongolo, Barbara; Skogmann Thoursie, Peter
2019 Coups, regime transitions, and institutional changeBennett, Daniel L.; Bjørnskov, Christian; Gohmann, Stephen F.
2019 Roots of tolerance among second-generation immigrantsBerggren, Niclas; Ljunge, Martin; Nilsson, Therese
2019 When dad can stay home: Fathers' workplace flexibility and maternal healthPersson, Petra; Rossin-Slater, Maya
2019 The collaborative innovation bloc: A reply to our commentatorsElert, Niklas; Henrekson, Magnus
2019 Power against random expenditure allocation for revealed preference testsHjertstrand, Per
2019 Friendship networks and political opinions: A natural experiment among future French politiciansAlgan, Yann; Dalvit, Nicolò; Do, Quoc-Anh; Le Chapelain, Alexis; Zenou, Yves
2019 Mothers, peers and gender-role identityOlivetti, Claudia; Patacchini, Eleonora; Zenou, Yves
2019 Are estimates of early education programs too pessimistic? Evidence from a large-scale field experiment that causally measures neighbor effectsList, John A.; Momeni, Fatemeh; Zenou, Yves
2019 Does job search assistance reduce unemployment? Experimental evidence on displacement effects and mechanismsCheung, Maria; Egebark, Johan; Forslund, Anders; Laun, Lisa; Rödin, Magnus; Vikström, Johan
2019 Collaborative innovation blocs and antifragilityElert, Niklas; Henrekson, Magnus
2019 Index numbers and revealed preference rankingsHjertstrand, Per; Swofford, James L.; Whitney, Gerald A.
2019 Globalization and populism in EuropeBergh, Andreas; Gustafsson, Anders
2019 From Gutenberg to Google: The internet is adopted earlier if ancestors had advanced information technology in 1500 ADLjunge, Martin
2019 Corruption, judicial accountability and inequality: Unfair procedures may benefit the worst-offBerggren, Niclas; Bjørnskov, Christian
2019 Determinants of international consumption risk sharing in developing countriesGardberg, Malin
2019 Salience of inherited wealth and the support for inheritance taxationBastani, Spencer; Waldenström, Daniel
2019 Redispatch in zonal pricing electricity marketsBlazquez de Paz, Mario
2019 The rise and decline of private foundations as controlling owners of Swedish listed firms: The role of tax incentivesHenrekson, Magnus; Johansson, Dan; Stenkula, Mikael
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1295