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2021 Obfuscation and Rational Inattention in Digitalized MarketsJanssen, Aljoscha; Kasinger, Johannes
2021 The Sharing Economy: Definition, Measurement and its Relationship to CapitalismBergh, Andreas; Funcke, Alexander; Wernberg, Joakim
2021 Lost Opportunities: Work during High School, Establishment Closures and the Impact on Career ProspectsMüller, Dagmar
2021 Sweden's Energy Investment ChallengeHolmberg, Pär; Tangerås, Thomas P.
2021 Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Work and Productivity: The Role of Firm HeterogeneityHeyman, Fredrik; Norbäck, Pehr-Johan; Persson, Lars
2021 William J. Baumol: Innovative contributor to entrepreneurship economicsHenrekson, Magnus; Stenkula, Mikael
2021 Water conservation and the common pool problem: Can pricing address free-riding in residential hot water consumption?Elinder, Mikael; Hu, Xiao; Liang, Che-yuan
2021 Industrial policy and Foreign Direct InvestmentSjöholm, Fredrik
2021 Fairness, flexibility and the far right: Understanding the relationship between populism, social spending and labor marketsBergh, Andreas; Kärnä, Anders
2021 Does firm exit raise prices?Suveg, Melinda
2021 Optimal redistribution in the presence of signalingBastani, Spencer; Blumòkin, Tomer; Micheletto, Luca
2021 Entrepreneurial accessibility, eudaimonic well-being, and inequalityBoudreaux, Christopher John; Elert, Niklas; Henrekson, Magnus; Lucas, David S.
2021 Academic freedom, institutions and productivityBerggren, Niclas; Bjørnskov, Christian
2021 The causal effect of transport infrastructure: Evidence from a new historical databaseLindgren, Erik; Pettersson-Lidbom, Per; Tyrefors, Björn
2021 Collaborative innovation blocs and mission-oriented innovation policy: An ecosystem perspectiveElert, Niklas; Henrekson, Magnus
2021 The interaction of Schumpeterian institutional entrepreneurship and Hayekian institutional change in innovative industriesHenrekson, Magnus; Lakomaa, Erik; Sanandaji, Tino
2021 Geographic price granularity and investments in wind power: Evidence from a Swedish electricity market splitting reformLundin, Erik
2021 Wealth and history: An updateWaldenström, Daniel
2021 The global logistic chain under siege in a post-Covid eraOxelheim, Lars; Randøy, Trond
2021 Test scores and economic growth: Update and extensionHeller-Sahlgren, Gabriel; Jordahl, Henrik
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1396