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2018 Surrender risk in the context of the quantitative assessment of participating life insurance contracts under Solvency IIBurkhart, Tobias
2018 Can pension funds partially manage longevity risk by investing in a longevity megafund?Debonneuil, Edouard; Eyraud-Loisel, Anne; Planchet, Frédéric
2018 Risk aversion loss aversion, and the demand for insuranceEeckhoudt, Louis; Fiori, Anna Maria; Gianin, Emanuela Rosazza
2018 A credit-risk valuation under the variance-gamma asset returnIvanov, Roman V.
2018 Effects of the age process on aggregate discounted claimsLéveillé, Ghislain; Mitric, Ilie-Radu; Côté, Victor
2018 On the moments and the distribution of aggregate discounted claims in a Markovian environmentLi, Shuanming; Lu, Yi
2018 Life insurance and annuity demand under hyperbolic discountingTang, Siqi; Purcal, Sachi; Zhang, Jinhui
2018 On two mixture-based clustering approaches used in modeling an insurance portfolioMiljkovic, Tatjana; Fernández, Daniel
2018 A least-squares Monte Carlo framework in proxy modeling of life insurance companiesKrah, Anne-Sophie; Nikolić, Zoran; Korn, Ralf
2018 Properties of stochastic arrangement increasing and their applications in allocation problemsWei, Wei
2018 Log-normal or over-dispersed poisson?Harnau, Jonas
2018 Calendar spread exchange options pricing with Gaussian random fieldsHainaut, Donatien
2018 The impact of sovereign yield curve differentials on value-at-risk forecasts for foreign exchange ratesFink, Holger; Fuest, Andreas; Port, Henry
2018 On fund mapping regressions applied to segregated funds hedging under regime-switching dynamicsTrottier, Denis-Alexandre; Godin, Frédéric; Hamel, Emmanuel
2018 Association rules for understanding policyholder lapsesJeong, Himchan; Gan, Guojun; Valdez, Emiliano A.
2018 Hedging and cash flows in the presence of taxes and expenses in life and pension insuranceBuchardt, Kristian; Møller, Thomas
2018 Three different ways synchronization can cause contagion in financial marketsMassad, Naji; Andersen, Jørgen Vitting
2018 Numerical ruin probability in the dual risk model with risk-free investmentsLoke, Sooie-Hoe; Thomann, Enrique
2018 Bank stress testing: A stochastic simulation framework to assess banks' financial fragilityMontesi, Giuseppe; Papiro, Giovanni
2018 On exactitude in financial regulation: Value-at-risk, expected shortfall, and expectilesChen, James Ming
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 237