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2021 Farmer-herder conflicts, tenure insecurity and farmer's investment decisions in Agogo, GhanaKugbega, Selorm Kobla; Aboagye, Prince Young
2021 Rural sustainability and food choice: The effect of territorial characteristics on the consumers' preferences for organic lentilsPaffarini, Chiara; Torquati, Bianca Maria; Tempesta, Tiziano; Venanzi, Sonia; Vecchiato, Daniel
2021 Economic performance of agritourism: An analysis of farms located in a less favoured area in ItalyArru, Brunella; Furesi, Roberto; Madau, Fabio A.; Pulina, Pietro
2021 Implications of food-for-work programs for consumption and production diversity: Evidence from the Tigray Region of EthiopiaLegesse Debela, Bethelhem; Shively, Gerald E.; Holden, Stein Terje
2021 Economics of contracts in African food systems: Evidence from the malt barley sector in EthiopiaTefera, Delelegne Abera; Bijman, Jos
2021 On the association between risk attitude and fruit and vegetable consumption: Insights from university students in ItalyGiampietri, Elisa; Bugin, Giuseppe; Trestini, Samuele
2021 Civic universities and bottom-up approaches to boost local development of rural areas: The case of the University of MacerataSabrina, Tomasi; Alessio, Cavicchi; Chiara, Aleffi; Gigliola, Paviotti; Concetta, Ferrara; Federica, Baldoni; Paolo, Passarini
2021 Does market access improve dietary diversity and food security? Evidence from Southwestern Ethiopian smallholder coffee producersUsman, Muhammed Abdella; Callo-Concha, Daniel
2021 The evolutionary transformation of modern agri-food systems: Emerging trends in consumption, production, and in the provision of public goodsCamanzi, Luca; Troiano, Stefania
2021 Organizational forms and technical efficiency of the dairy processing industry in Southern BrazilBeber, Caetano Luiz; Lakner, Sebastian; Skevas, Ioannis
2021 Does it pay to switch from free grazing to stall feeding? Impact of stall feeding practice on household welfare in Tigrai EthiopiaHadush, Muuz
2021 Economic benefits of livestock management in GhanaAdams, Faizal; Ohene-Yankyera, Kwasi; Aidoo, Robert; Wongnaa, Camillus Abawiera
2021 Effects of climate adaptation on technical efficiency of maize production in Northern GhanaAdzawla, William; Alhassan, Hamdiyah
2021 Vertical price transmission in Swiss dairy and cheese value chainsHillen, Judith
2021 Food consumption patterns, nutrient adequacy, and the food systems in NigeriaMekonnen, Daniel Ayalew; Trijsburg, Laura; Achterbosch, Thom; Brouwer, Inge D.; Kennedy, Gina; Linderhof, Vincent; Ruben, Ruerd; Talsma, Elise F.
2021 The impact of pest risk management measures on trade: The case of apples from France and ChileDe Maria, Federica; Drogue, Sophie; Lubello, Pasquale
2021 Label information and consumer behaviour: Evidence on drinking milk sectorMarchini, Andrea; Riganelli, Chiara; Diotallevi, Francesco; Polenzani, Bianca
2021 Insights into organic wine consumption: Behaviour, segmentation and attribute non-attendanceBoncinelli, Fabio; Dominici, Andrea; Marone, Enrico
2021 Agricultural business economics: The challenge of sustainabilityMalorgio, Giulio; Marangon, Francesco
2021 Do consumers' values and attitudes affect food retailer choice? Evidence from a national survey on farmers' market in GermanyCicia, Gianni; Furno, Marilena; Del Giudice, Teresa
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 210