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2018 Optimisation of wire-cut EDM process parameter by Grey-based response surface methodologyKumar, Amit; Soota, Tarun; Kumar, Jitendra
2018 Cuckoo search via Levy flights applied to uncapacitated facility location problemMesa, Armacheska; Castromayor, Kris; Garillos-Manliguez, Cinmayii; Calag, Vicente
2018 Shapley value-based multi-objective data envelopment analysis application for assessing academic efficiency of university departmentsAbing, Stephen Lloyd N.; Barton, Mercie Grace L.; Dumdum, Michael Gerard M.; Bongo, Miriam F.; Ocampo, Lanndon A.
2018 Evaluation and selection of sustainable suppliers in supply chain using new GP-DEA model with imprecise dataGhoushchi, Saeid Jafarzadeh; Milan, Mehran Dodkanloi; Rezaee, Mustafa Jahangoshai
2018 Joint pricing, inventory, and preservation decisions for deteriorating items with stochastic demand and promotional effortsSoni, Hardik N.; Chauhan, Ashaba D.
2018 The development of a green supply chain dual-objective facility by considering different levels of uncertaintyKhorasani, Sasan Torabzadeh; Almasifard, Maryam
2018 Collaboration space division in collaborative product development based on a genetic algorithmQian, Xueming; Ma, Yanqiao; Feng, Huan
2018 Two-warehouse system for non-instantaneous deterioration products with promotional effort and inflation over a finite time horizonPalanivel, M.; Priyan, S.; Mala, P.
2018 Developing a cellular manufacturing model considering the alternative routes, tool assignment, and machine reliabilityKhorasgani, Sayyed Mahdi Sadat; Ghaffari, Mahdi
2018 Construction cost estimation of spherical storage tanks: Artificial neural networks and hybrid regression-GA algorithmsArabzadeh, Vida; Niaki, S. T. A.; Arabzadeh, Vahid
2018 Money-back guarantee warranty policy with preventive maintenance strategy for sensor-embedded remanufactured productsAlqahtani, Ammar Y.; Gupta, Surendra M.
2018 Quantitative risk management in gas injection project: A case study from Oman oil and gas industryKhadem, Mohammad Miftaur Rahman Khan; Piya, Sujan; Shamsuzzoha, Ahm
2018 A new memetic algorithm for mitigating tandem automated guided vehicle system partitioning problemPourrahimian, Parinaz
2018 A two-stage stochastic rule-based model to determine pre-assembly buffer contentGunay, Elif Elcin; Kula, Ufuk
2018 Application of Kansei engineering and data mining in the Thai ceramic manufacturingKittidecha, Chaiwat; Yamada, Koichi
2018 An ex ante control chart for project monitoring using earned duration management observationsMortaji, Seyed Taha Hossein; Noori, Siamak; Noorossan, Rassoul; Bagherpour, Morteza
2018 A set-covering formulation for a drayage problem with single and double container loadsGhezelsoflu, A.; Di Francesco, M.; Frangion, A.; Zuddas, P.
2018 Retrieval-travel-time model for free-fall-flow-rack automated storage and retrieval systemMetahri, Dhiyaeddine; Hachemi, Khalid
2018 Optimization of rotor shaft shrink fit method for motor using "Robust design"Toma, Eiji
2018 Ergonomics and simulation-based approach in improving facility layoutAbad, Jocelyn D.
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 284