Working Paper Series, Department of Economics, University of Zurich

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 Balanced bootstrap joint confidence bands for structural impulse response functionsBruder, Stefan; Wolf, Michael
2018 Money vs. time: Family income, maternal labor supply, and child developmentAgostinelli, Francesco; Sorrenti, Giuseppe
2018 Intergenerational mobility in the 19th century: Micro-level evidence from the city of ZurichFavre, Giacomin; Floris, Joël; Woitek, Ulrich
2018 The Big Robber GameAlós-Ferrer, Carlos; García-Segarra, Jaume; Ritschel, Alexander
2018 The causal effect of trustBartling, Björn; Fehr, Ernst; Huffman, David; Netzer, Nick
2018 Time will tell: Recovering preferences when choices Are noisyAlós-Ferrer, Carlos; Fehr, Ernst; Netzer, Nick
2018 The cognitive foundations of cooperationAlós-Ferrer, Carlos; Garagnani, Michele
2018 Robust performance hypothesis testing with smooth functions of population momentsLedoit, Olivier; Wolf, Michael
2018 Strictly sincere best responses under approval voting and arbitrary preferencesAlós-Ferrer, Carlos; Buckenmaier, Johannes
2018 Bad news turned good: Reversal under censorshipSmirnov, Aleksei; Starkov, Egor
2018 Bank loan supply during crises: The importance of geographic diversicationDörr, Sebastian; Schaz, Philipp
2018 Cognitive sophistication and deliberation timesAlós-Ferrer, Carlos; Buckenmaier, Johannes
2018 The many faces of human sociality: Uncovering the distribution and stability of social preferencesBruhin, Adrian; Fehr, Ernst; Schunk, Daniel
2018 Origins of gender norms: Sibling gender composition and women's choice of occupation and partnerBrenøe, Anne Ardila
2018 Testing-based forward model selectionKozbur, Damian
2018 Equilibrium in the symmetric Hirshleifer contest: Uniqueness and characterizationEwerhart, Christian; Sun, Guang-Zhen
2018 Demand forces of technical change: Evidence from the Chinese manufacturing industryBeerli, Andreas; Weiss, Franziska J.; Zilibotti, Fabrizio; Zweimüller, Josef
2018 Voluntary disclosure in unfair contestsEwerhart, Christian; Grünseis, Julia
2018 Multigrading and child achievementBarbetta, Gian Paolo; Sorrenti, Giuseppe; Turati, Gilberto
2018 Exit strategies for monetary policyBerentsen, Aleksander; Kraenzlin, Sébastien; Müller, Benjamin
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 351