BGPE Discussion Paper Series, Bavarian Graduate Program in Economics

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016 Refinancing MFIs with market power: Theory and evidenceArnold, Lutz G.; Booker, Benedikt; Dorfleitner, Gregor; Röhe, Michaela
2016 Central bank transparency and inflation (volatility): New evidenceWeber, Christoph S.
2016 Fertility effects of child benefitsRiphahn, Regina T.; Wiynck, Frederik
2016 The impact of the Bologna Reform on student outcomes: Evidence from exogenous variation in regional supply of bachelor programs in GermanyEnzi, Bernhard; Siegler, Benedikt
2016 The causal effect of age at migration on youth educational attainmentLemmermann, Dominique; Riphahn, Regina T.
2016 Welfare effects of changed prices: The "tortilla crisis" revisitedMotzigkeit Gonzalez, Rita
2015 Birth order and health of newborns: What can we learn from Danish registry data?Brenøe, Anne Ardila; Molitor, Ramona
2015 What drives the reversal of the gender education gap? Evidence from GermanyRiphahn, Regina T.; Schwientek, Caroline
2015 Moving to an earnings-related parental leave system: Do heterogeneous effects on parents make some children worse off?Huber, Katrin
2015 Exporters and wage inequality during the Great Recession: Evidence from GermanyDauth, Wolfgang; Schmerer, Hans-Joerg; Winkler, Erwin
2014 Using the life satisfaction approach to value daylight savings time transitions: Evidence from Britain and GermanyKuehnle, Daniel; Wunder, Christoph
2014 Earnings-related parental leave benefits and subjective well-being of young mothers: Evidence from a German parental leave reformMaeder, Miriam
2014 A breakdown of residual wage inequality in GermanyEhrl, Philipp
2014 Skills, tasks and the scarcity of talent in a global economyKoch, Michael
2014 State-level heterogeneity in returns to secondary schooling in West GermanyMaeder, Miriam
2014 An employment guarantee at risk insurance? Assessing the effects of the NREGS on agricultural production decisionsGehrke, Esther
2014 High-wage workers and high-productivity firms: A regional view on matching in GermanyEhrl, Philipp
2014 Task trade and the employment pattern: The offshoring and onshoring of Brazilian firmsEhrl, Philipp
2014 Matrix Box-Cox models for multivariate realized volatilityWeigand, Roland
2014 Post reunification economic fluctuations in Germany: A real business cycle interpretationFlor, Michael A.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 167