Department of Economics Research Report Series, University of Western Ontario

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2022 A partial identifification approach to identifying the determinants of human capital accumulation: An application to teachersMehta, Nirav
2022 The big expansion of rural secondary schooling during the cultural revolution and the returns to education in rural ChinaZhu, Mengbing; Sicular, Terry
2022 Peter Howitt: A Keynesian still in recoveryLaidler, David E. W.
2022 Robust contracts in common agencyMarku, Keler; Ocampo Díaz, Sergio; Tondji, Jean-Baptiste
2022 A rationalization of the weak axiom of revealed preferenceAguiar, Victor H.; Hjertstrand, Per; Serrano, Roberto
2022 Price, profits, proxies, and productionAguiar, Victor H.; Kashaev, Nail; Allen, Roy E.
2022 Market power, taxation and product variety in the Brazilian automobile industryChaves, Daniel
2022 A random attention and utility modelKashaev, Nail; Aguiar, Victor H.
2022 Identification and estimation of multinomial choice models with latent special covariatesKashaev, Nail
2022 Computing longitudinal moments for heterogeneous agent modelsOcampo Díaz, Sergio; Robinson, Baxter
2022 Estimation of parametric binary outcome models with degenerate pure choice-based data with application to Covid-19-positive tests from British ColumbiaKashaev, Nail
2022 Slutsky matrix symmetry: A new behavioral conditionAguiar, Victor H.; Serrano, Roberto
2021 The inner workings of a hub-and-spoke cartel in the automotive fuel industryChaves, Daniel; Duarte, Marco
2021 Lucas (1972): A personal view from the wrong side of the subsequent fifty yearsLaidler, David E. W.
2021 Old age savings and house price shocksMcGee, Rory
2021 A category for extensive-form gamesStreufert, Peter Alfred
2021 Personal Gini coefficientsDavies, James B.
2021 Specifying a game-theoretic extensive form as an abstract 5-ary relationStreufert, Peter Alfred
2020 Botswana's fiscal policy, monetary policy, and exchange rate policy: Three instruments and three targets?Leith, James Clark
2020 The category of node-and-choice extensive-form gamesStreufert, Peter Alfred
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 124