EUROMOD Working Paper Series, Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER), University of Essex

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2020 Reducing the income tax burden for households with children: An assessment of the child tax credit reform in AustriaChristl, Michael; De Poli, Silvia; Varga, Janos
2020 Singling out the truly needy: The role of asset testing in European minimum income schemesMarchal, Sarah; Kuypers, Sarah; Marx, Ive; Verbist, Gerlinde
2020 The anti-poverty marginal benefit of public fundsCollado, Diego
2020 The effect of income-based policies on mortality inequalities in Scotland: A modelling studyRichardson, Elizabeth; Fenton, Lynda; Parkinson, Jane; Pulford, Andrew; Taulbut, Martin; McCartney, Gerry; Robinson, Mark
2020 Combining microsimulation and optimization to identify optimal flexible tax-transfer rulesColombino, Ugo; Islam, Nizamul
2020 Fiscal redistribution and social welfare: Doing more or more to do?Coady, David P.; D'Angelo, Devin; Evans, Brooks
2020 The Covid-19 crisis response helps the poor: The distributional and budgetary consequences of the UK lock-downBronka, Patryk; Collado, Diego; Richiardi, Matteo
2020 Did the UK policy response to Covid-19 protect household incomes?Brewer, Mike; Tasseva, Iva Valentinova
2020 Do welfare state taxes and transfers reduce gender income inequality? Evidence from eight European countriesAvram, Silvia; Popova, Daria
2020 Financial disincentives to formal employment and tax-benefit systems in Latin AmericaDeza Delgado, María Cecilia; Jara, H. Xavier; Oliva, Nicolás; Torres, Javier
2020 Welfare resilience in the immediate aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak in ItalyFigari, Francesco; Fiorio, Carlo V.
2020 Evaluation of a Recovery Basic Income, and of a sustainable revenue neutral Citizen's Basic Income, with an appendix relating to different Universal Credit roll-out scenariosTorry, Malcolm
2020 The potential costs and distributional effect of Covid-19 related unemployment in IrelandBeirne, Keelan; Doorley, Karina; Regan, Mark; Roantree, Barra; Tuda, Dora
2019 Vertical and horizontal redistribution: The cases of Western and Eastern EuropeBussolo, Maurizio; Krolage, Carla; Makovec, Mattia; Peichl, Andreas; Stöckli, Marc; Torre, Iván; Wittneben, Christian
2019 The probability of poverty for mothers after childbirth and divorce in Europe: The role of social stratification and tax-benefit policiesPopova, Daria; Navicke, Jekaterina
2019 Falling through the social safety net? Analysing non-take-up of minimum income benefit and monetary social assistance in AustriaFuchs, Michael; Hollan, Katarina; Gasior, Katrin; Premrov, Tamara; Scoppetta, Anette
2019 The tax structure of an economy in crisis: Greece 2009-2017Leventi, Chrysa; Picos, Fidel
2019 A comparison of the fiscal and distributional effects of alternative basic income implementation modes across the EU28Martinelli, Luke; O'Neill, Kathryn
2019 Recent changes in housing policies and their distributional impact across EuropeFigari, Francesco; Hollan, Katarina; Matsaganis, Manos; Zolyomi, Eszter
2019 The changing education distribution and income inequality in Great BritainTasseva, Iva Valentinova
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 240