Upjohn Institute Working Papers, W. E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research

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2024Effects of child care vouchers on price, quantity, and provider turnover in private care marketsLee, Won Fy; Sojourner, Aaron; Davis, Elizabeth E.; Borowsky, Jonathan
2024Labor market effects of paid sick leave: The case of SeattleWething, Hilary; Slopen, Meredith
2024Grads on the go: Measuring college-specific labor markets for graduatesConzelmann, Johnathan G.; Hemelt, Steven W.; Hershbein, Brad; Martin, Shawn M.; Simon, Andrew
2024DACA, mobility investments, and economic outcomes of immigrants and nativesKiser, Jimena Villanueva; Wilson, Riley
2024Employer market power in Silicon ValleyGibson, Matthew
2024Work organization and high-paying jobsNelson, Dylan; Wilmers, Nathan; Zhang, Letian
2024Financial incentives for adoption and kin guardianship improve achievement for foster childrenSimon, David; Sojourner, Aaron; Pedersen, Jon; Skallet, Heidi Ombisa
2024Skills, majors, and jobs: Does higher education respond?Conzelmann, Johnathan G.; Hemelt, Steven W.; Hershbein, Brad; Martin, Shawn; Simon, Andrew
2024Effects of peer groups on the gender-wage gap and life after the MBA: Evidence from the random assignment of MBA peersThomas, Mallika
2024The long-run impacts of public industrial investment on local development and economic mobility: Evidence from World War IIGarin, Andrew; Rothbaum, Jonathan
2023Minimum wages and racial discrimination in hiring: Evidence from a field experimentBrandon, Alec; Holz, Justin E.; Simon, Andrew; Uchida, Haruka
2023Predictive analytics supporting labor market successO'Leary, Christopher J.; Orellana, Salomon; Doyle, Kevin; Eberts, Randall W.; Damerow, Ben; Meyers, Amy; Kline, Kenneth J.; Wilcoxson, Anna; Truesdale, Beth C.; Powell, Scott
2023The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on KPS student enrollment and NWEA test scoresEberts, Randall W.
2023The decline of routine tasks, education investments, and intergenerational mobilityBennett, Patrick; Liu, Kai; Salvanes, Kjell G.
2023Jobseekers' beliefs about comparative advantage and (mis)directed searchKiss, Andrea; Garlick, Robert; Orkin, Kate; Hensel, Lukas
2023Why are unemployment insurance claims so low?O'Leary, Christopher J.; Kline, Kenneth J.; Stengle, Thomas A.; Wandner, Stephen A.
2023Taxing the gender gap: Labor market effects of a payroll tax cut for women in ItalyRubolino, Enrico
2023Gender gaps from labor market shocksIvandic, Ria; Lassen, Anne Sophie
2023The independent contractor workforce: New evidence on its size and composition and ways to improve its measurement in household surveysAbraham, Katharine G.; Hershbein, Brad; Houseman, Susan N.; Truesdale, Beth C.
2023Estimating the effects of the ADA Amendments Act on the hiring and termination of individuals with disabilities, using new disability categorizationsButton, Patrick; Armour, Philip; Hollands, Simon
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 398