Upjohn Institute Working Papers, W. E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020 The long-term labor market effects of parental unemploymentSchmidpeter, Bernhard
2020 The earned income tax credit and maternal time use: More time working and less time with kids?Bastian, Jacob; Lochner, Lance
2020 The effects of welfare time limits on access to financial resources: Evidence from the 2010sPepin, Gabrielle
2020 Biased beliefs and entry into scientific careersGanguli, Ina; Gaulé, Patrick; Vuleti´c éCugalj, Danijela
2020 The effects of child care subsidies on paid child care participation and labor market outcomes: Evidence from the child and dependent care creditPepin, Gabrielle
2020 Impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and the CARES Act on earnings and inequalityCortes, Guido Matias; Forsythe, Eliza C.
2020 Warding off development: Local control, housing supply, and NIMBYsMast, Evan
2020 Nudges to increase completion of welfare applications: Experimental evidence from MichiganO'Leary, Christopher J.; Oberlee, Dallas; Pepin, Gabrielle
2020 Job search and hiring with two-sided limited information about workseekers' skillsCarranza, Eliana; Garlick, Robert; Orkin, Kate; Rankin, Neil
2020 Recessions and local labor market hysteresisHershbein, Brad; Stuart, Bryan A.
2020 State unemployment insurance reserves are not adequateO'Leary, Christopher J.; Kline, Kenneth J.
2020 Do stronger employment discrimination protections decrease reliance on social security disability insurance? Evidence from the U.S. social security reformsButton, Patrick; Khan, Mashfiqur R.
2020 Contract work at older agesAbraham, Katharine G.; Hershbein, Brad; Houseman, Susan N.
2020 College attainment, income inequality, and economic security: A simulation exerciseHershbein, Brad; Kearney, Melissa Schettini; Pardue, Luke W.
2020 Using nonexperimental methods to address noncomplianceLitwok, Daniel
2020 The heterogeneous labor market impacts of the Covid-19 pandemicMatias, Guido; Forsythe, Eliza C.
2020 An illustrated case for unemployment insurance reformO'Leary, Christopher J.; Wandner, Stephen A.
2020 Immigrants and the U.S. wage distributionYasenov, Vasil I.
2020 Heterogeneous impacts on layoffs of changes in Brazilian unemployment insurance eligibility rulesCravo, Túlio; O'Leary, Christopher J.; Sierra, Ana Cristina; Veloso, Leandro Justino
2019 [Job] locked and [un]loaded: The effect of the Affordable Care Act dependency mandate on reenlistment in the U.S. ArmyKofoed, Michael S.; Frasier, Wyatt J.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 332