Working Papers, Department of Economics, Brown University

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2017 Capital-skill complementarity and the emergence of labor emancipationAshraf, Quamrul H.; Cinnirella, Francesco; Galor, Oded; Gershman, Boris; Hornung, Erik
2016 Rationalizable implementation of correspondencesKunimoto, Takashi; Serrano, Roberto
2016 Trust and communication in a property rights dilemmaAhn, T. K.; Balafoutas, Loukas; Batsaikhan, Mongoljin; Campos-Ortiz, Francisco; Putterman, Louis G.; Sutter, Matthias
2016 The macrogenoeconomics of comparative developmentAshraf, Quamrul H.; Galor, Oded
2016 The influence of ancestral lifeways on individual economic outcomes in Sub-Saharan AfricaMichalopoulos, Stelios; Putterman, Louis; Weil, David N.
2016 Do disasters affect growth? A macro model-based perspective on the empirical debateBakkensen, Laura; Barragey, Lint
2016 Geographical origins and economic consequences of language structuresGalor, Oded; Özak, Ömar; Sarid, Assaf
2016 Subsidies, information, and the timing of children's health care in MaliSautmann, Anja; Brown, Samuel; Dean, Mark
2016 Level-k mechanism designDe Clippel, Geoffroy; Saran, Rene; Serrano, Roberto
2016 Population growth and carbon emissionsCasey, Gregory; Galor, Oded
2015 Learned generosity? A field experiment with parents and their childrenBen-Ner, Avner; List, John A.; Putterman, Louis; Samek, Anya
2015 Information and small group effectiveness in large quasilinear economiesKamishiro, Yusuke; Serrano, Roberto; Wooders, Myrna
2015 Slutsky matrix norms and revealed preference tests of consumer behaviourAguiar, Victor H.; Serrano, Roberto
2015 Rational expectations and farsighted stabilityDutta, Bhaskar; Vohra, Rajiv
2015 Reputation transmission without benefit to the reporter: A behavioral underpinning of markets in experimental focusKamei, Kenju; Putterman, Louis
2015 Satisficing and stochastic choiceAguiar, Victor H.; Boccardi, María José; Dean, Mark
2015 Is industrialization conducive to long-run prosperity?Franck, Raphaël; Galor, Oded
2015 The complementary between technology and human capital in the early phase of industrializationFranck, Raphaël; Galor, Oded
2015 Industrialization and the fertility declineFranck, Raphaël; Galor, Oded
2015 Roots of autocracyGalor, Oded; Klemp, Marc
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 300