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2024Do refugees impact crime? Causal evidence from large-scale refugee immigration to GermanyLange, Martin; Sommerfeld, Katrin
2022Supporting patients with heart failure with digital therapeutics—A pilot study in GermanyReif, Simon; Schubert, Sabrina; Stiefel, J.; Husri, F.; Fischlein, T.; Pauschinger, M.; Klucken, J.
2020Which firms use trademarks? Firm-level evidence from Germany on the role of distance, product quality and innovationCrass, Dirk
2019ICT and resilience in times of crisis: evidence from cross-country micro moments dataBertschek, Irene; Polder, Michael; Schulte, Patrick
2019From less promising to green? Technological opportunities and their role in (green) ICT innovationCecere, Grazia; Rexhäuser, Sascha; Schulte, Patrick
2019Labor Market Performance in OECD Countries: The Role of Institutional InterdependenciesSachs, Andreas; Schleer, Frauke
2019Protecting Innovation Through Patents and Trade Secrets: Evidence for Firms with a Single InnovationCrass, Dirk; Valero, Francisco Garcia; Pitton, Francesco; Rammer, Christian
2019The Dynamic Relationship Between Investments in Brand Equity and Firm Profitability: Evidence Using Trademark RegistrationsCrass, Dirk; Czarnitzki, Dirk; Toole, Andrew A.
2018Why does emissions trading under the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) not affect firms’ competitiveness? Empirical findings from the literatureJoltreau, Eugénie; Sommerfeld, Katrin
2018BIG data – BIG gains? Understanding the link between big data analytics and innovationNiebel, Thomas; Rasel, Fabienne; Viete, Steffen
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 10 of 10