IPE Working Papers, Institute for International Political Economy, HWR Berlin

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2019 The development of the German labour market after World War IIHerr, Hansjörg; Ruoff, Bea
2019 Marx and Keynes: From exploitation to employmentHelmedag, Fritz
2019 Knapp's 'State Theory of Money' and its reception in German academic discourseEhnts, Dirk H.
2018 Inequality and growth: Marxian and post-Keynesian/Kaleckian perspectives on distribution and growth regimes before and after the Great RecessionHein, Eckhard
2018 The economic expansion in the US since 2009 and Donald Trump's ambitions to "drain the swamp"Evans, Trevor
2018 The Communist Manifesto: What can we learn today for a country like Vietnam?Herr, Hansjörg
2018 International environmental governance and the Paris agreement on climate change: The adoption of the "pledge and review" governance approachCahill-Webb, Finn
2018 Underdevelopment and unregulated markets: Seven reasons why unregulated markets reproduce underdevelopmentHerr, Hansjörg
2018 Proposals for monetary reform: A critical assessment using the general quantity equation by Wolfgang StützelTarne, Ruben
2018 The determinants of German exports: An analysis of intra- and extra-EMU tradeHeinze, Henriette
2018 Financialisation, distribution & the macroeconomic regimes before & after the crisis: A post-Keynesian view on Denmark, Estonia & LatviaDünhaupt, Petra; Hein, Eckhard
2018 The paradox of tax competition: Effective corporate tax rates as a determinant of foreign direct investment in a modified neo-Kaleckian modelWoodgate, Ryan
2018 Structural conditions for currency internationalisation: International finance and the survival constraintAngrick, Stefan
2018 Karl Marx's thoughts on functional income distribution - a critical analysisHerr, Hansjörg
2018 Neoliberal populism in Turkey and its crisisAkcay, Ümit
2018 Is wage labor in highly developed capitalism today still a force of social transformation?Kronauer, Martin
2018 Development paths: A case for public investment as the alternative to the Washington ConsensusLauka, Earta
2018 Functional distribution and wage inequality in recent Kaleckian growth modelsHein, Eckhard; Prante, Franz
2018 Overhead labour costs in a neo-Kaleckian growth model with autonomous expendituresWon Jun Nah; Lavoie, Marc
2018 The limits to profit-wage redistribution: Endogenous regime shifts in Kaleckian models of growth and distributionKöhler, Kasper
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 115
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