Working Papers, IFAU - Institute for Evaluation of Labour Market and Education Policy

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2024Optimal redistribution and education signalingBastani, Spencer; Blumḳin, Tomer; Micheletto, Luca
2024The heterogeneous earnings impact of job loss across workers, establishments, and marketsAthey, Susan; Simon, Lisa; Nordström Skans, Oskar; Vikström, Johan; Yakymovych, Yaroslav
2024Health shocks, risk preferences and annuity choicesHagen, Johannes; Hodor, Michal; Hurwitz, Abigail
2024Reconsidering the cost of job loss: Evidence from redundancies and mass layoffsCederlöf, Jonas
2024Can model averaging improve propensity score based estimation of average treatment effects?Zulj, Valentin; Jin, Shaobo
2024Household specialization and competition for promotionBastani, Spencer; Dickmanns, Lisa; Giebe, Thomas; Gürtler, Oliver
2024Professional networks and the labour market assimilation of immigrantsÅslund, Olof; Engdahl, Mattias; Willis, Sébastien
2024Origin country institutions and immigrant retirement timingÅslund, Olof; Cronert, Axel
2024Labor market effects of a youth summer employment program in SwedenKnutsson, Daniel; Tyrefors, Björn
2024The boost for reading: Effects on classroom practices and student outcomesHolmlund, Helena; Häggblom, Josefin; Lindahl, Erica
2024Divorce law reform, family stability, and children's longterm outcomesHertegård, Edvin
2024The child penalty in Sweden: Evidence, trends, and child genderSundberg, Anton
2023Inheritance of fields of studyAltmejd, Adam
2023Dispersion over the business cycle: Passthrough, productivity, and demand?Carlsson, Mikael; Clymo, Alex; Joslin, Knut-Eric
2023Long-run integration of refugees: RCT evidence from a Swedish early intervention programDahlberg, Matz; Egebark, Johan; Vikman, Ulrika
2023Health and labor market impacts of twin birth: Evidence from a Swedish IVF policyBhalotra, Sonia; Clarke, Damian; Mühlrad, Hanna; Palme, Mårten
2023School resources, peer inputs, and student outcomes in adult educationTilley, J. Lucas
2023The different returns to cognitive ability in the labor and capital marketsBastani, Spencer; Karlsson, Kristina; Waldenström, Daniel
2023Explaining benefit take-up behavior: The role of incentives and habitsRosenqvist, Olof; Selin, Håkan
2023Automation when skills are bundledHernnäs, Sofia
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 595