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2022The Great Green Wall: An overview and lessons learntLadekjær Gravesen, Marie; Funder, Mikkel
2022Fragile states: Analytically vacuous, politically usefulClausen, Maria-Louise; Albrecht, Peter
2022Worldviews: Competing perceptions of the worldSheikh, Mona Kanwal
2022Belarus 2022: The "bridge" or the "corpse on the road" between Russia and Europe?Dubinka-Hushcha, Lizaveta
2022National krisestyring: En særlig disciplin af betydning for samfundets sammenhængskraftBro, Charlotte
2022What is a worldview? A historical and critical analysisAlessiato, Elena Paola Carola
2022Worldview, secularisation and identity: The resilient state of LebanonErslev Andersen, Lars
2022Does China control arctic mineral raw materials? How much, what, how and why?Andersson, Patrik; Kalvig, Per
2021Preparatory study for the evaluation of Denmark's development cooperation on climate change adaptationLindegaard, Lily Salloum; Funder, Mikkel; Friis-Hansen, Esbern
2021Opportunities for Danish stabilisation policy to engage with climate- and livelihood-related conflictSchouten, Peer
2021Global norms on the elimination of violence against womenEngberg-Pedersen, Lars
2021Resistance to VAW global norms: The controversy surrounding marital rape in EthiopiaZeleke Eresso, Meron
2021Migration and foreign aid: Drivers, desires and developmentVammen, Ida Marie Savio; Engberg-Pedersen, Lars; Lucht, Hans
2021The evolution of community based conservation and implications for Danish development cooperationFunder, Mikkel; Ladekjær Gravesen, Marie
2021Ligestilling og dansk udviklingssamarbejde med Afrika - Danidas og danske NGO'ers tilgang og bidragPedersen, Mogens Jin
2021Politics once removed: Everyday international relations in the 2014 military Operation RECSYRNissen, Christine; Larsen, Jessica
2021Social protection, caste and ethnicity in Nepal: A new social contract or an old political settlement?Webster, Neil
2021Eliminating child marriage in Ethiopia: Emerging regularities and practical normsErda, Fana Gebresenbet
2021Nature-based solutions to development and climate change challenges: Understanding ecosystem-based adaptation approachesLadekjær Gravesen, Marie; Funder, Mikkel
2021Voldelige konflikter, ustabilitet og skrøbelighed frem mod 2035: Arbejdspapir til analysegruppen om dansk sikkerhedspolitikAndersen, Louise Riis
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 393