Working Papers, Levy Economics Institute of Bard College

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019 Social policy in Mexico and ArgentinaTepepa, Martha
2019 Macroeconomic policy effectiveness and inequality: Efficacy of gender budgeting in Asia PacificChakraborty, Lekha; Ingrams, Marian; Singh, Yadawendra
2019 On the design of empirical stock-flow-consistent modelsZezza, Gennaro; Zezza, Francesco
2019 Economic planning under capitalism: The new deal and postwar France experimentsde Carvalho, Fernando J. Cardim
2019 Induced shifting involvements and cycles of growth and distributionNikiforos, Michalis
2019 An institutional analysis of China's reform of their monetary policy frameworkHe, Zengping; Jia, Genliang
2019 Fiscal stabilization in the United States: Lessons for monetary unionsNikolov, Plamen; Pasimeni, Paolo
2019 It pays to study for the right job: Exploring the causes and consequences of education-occupation job mismatchRios-Avila, Fernando; Saavedra Caballero, Fabiola
2019 The impact of the Bank of Japan's monetary policy on Japanese government bonds' low nominal yieldsAkram, Tanweer; Li, Huiqing
2019 Evolving international monetary and financial architecture and the development challenge: A liquidity preference theoretical perspectiveBibow, Jörg
2019 Indian fiscal federalism at the crossroads: Some reflectionsWray, Larry Randall
2019 On the "utilization controversy": A rejoinder and some commentsNikiforos, Michalis
2019 Recentered influence functions in Stata: Methods for analyzing the determinants of poverty and inequalityRios-Avila, Fernando
2019 The macroeconomic loss due to violence against women and girls: The case of GhanaRaghavendra, Srinivas; Kim, Kijong; Ashe, Sinead; Chadha, Mrinal; Asante, Felix Ankomah; Piiroinen, Petri T.; Duvvury, Nata
2019 Fiscal reform to benefit state and local governments: The modern money theory approachWray, Larry Randall
2019 Defaultnomics: Making sense of the Barro-Ricardo equivalence in a financialized worldEsposito, Lorenzo; Mastromatteo, Giuseppe
2019 How to pay for the Green New DealNersisyan, Yeva; Wray, Larry Randall
2019 When to ease off the brakes (and hopefully prevent recessions)Hastings, Harold M.; Young-Taft, Tai; Wang, Thomas
2019 A semi-parametric approach to the Oaxaca-Blinder decomposition with continuous group variable and self-selectionRios-Avila, Fernando
2019 Rethinking China's local government debt in the frame of modern money theoryHe, Zengping; Jia, Genliang
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 944