Working Papers, Levy Economics Institute of Bard College

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2022 Technology and productivity: A critique of aggregate indicatorsBlock, Fred L.
2021 What jobs should a public job guarantee provide? Lessons from Hyman P. MinskyHaim, Daniel
2021 Intrahousehold allocation of household production: A comparative analysis for Sub-Saharan African countriesRios-Avila, Fernando; Oduro, Abena D.; Pires, Luiza Nassif
2021 The empirics of long-term Mexican government bond yieldsAkram, Tanweer; Uddin, Syed Helal
2021 The economic problem: From barter to commodity money to electronic moneyKriegel, Jan
2021 Keynes's theories of the business cycle: Evolution and contemporary relevanceBortz, Pablo G.
2021 Has Japan been following Modern Money Theory without recognizing it? No! and yesWray, Larry Randall; Nersisyan, Yeva
2021 The Souk Al-Manakh: The anatomy of a pure price-chasing bubbleVeneroso, Frank; Pasquali, Mark
2021 The endogeneity-to-demand of the national emergency utilization rateNikiforos, Michalis
2021 A Keynesian approach to modeling the long-term interest rateAkram, Tanweer
2021 Seven replies to the critiques of Modern Money TheoryTymoigne, Éric
2021 Ecological fiscal transfers and state-level budgetary spending in India: Analyzing the flypaper effectsKaur, Amandeep; Mohanty, Ranjan Kumar; Chakraborty, Lekha; Rangan, Divy
2021 Multifactor Keynesian models of the long-term interest rateAkram, Tanweer
2021 Identity and well-being in the skilled crafts and tradesBinder, Martin; Blankenberg, Ann-Kathrin
2021 Production function estimation: Biased coefficients and endogenous regressors, or a case of collective amnesia?Felipe, Jesus; McCombie, John S. L.; Mehta, Aashish; Bajaro, Donna Faye
2021 The employer of last resort scheme and the energy transition: A stock-flow consistent analysisYajima, Giuliano Toshiro
2021 Modeling monopoly money: Government as the source of the price level and unemploymentLevey, Sam
2021 The Sraffian supermultiplier and cycles: Theory and empiricsNikiforos, Michalis; Santetti, Marcio; Von Arnim, Rudiger
2020 A stock-flow consistent quarterly model of the Italian economyZezza, Francesco; Zezza, Gennaro
2020 Class size, cognitive abilities, bullying, and violent behavior: Evidence from West Bank schoolsHallaq, Sameh
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1002