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2021Distributional differences in the time horizon of executive compensationHaylock, Michael
2021Analysis of semi-open queueing networks using lost customers approximation with an application to robotic mobile fulfilment systemsOtten, Sonja; Krenzler, Ruslan; Xie, Lin; Daduna, Hans; Kruse, Karsten
2021Determinants of cross-border co-patents: empirical evidence from 45 European regionsBasche, Henrik
2021Cross-lingual citations in English papers: a large-scale analysis of prevalence, usage, and impactSaier, Tarek; Färber, Michael; Tsereteli, Tornike
2021Minimizing setups and waste when printing labels of consumer goodsMeyr, Herbert; Kiel, Mirko
2021Three layers of abstraction: a conceptual framework for theorizing digital multi-sided platformsPoniatowski, Martin; Lüttenberg, Hedda; Beverungen, Daniel; Kundisch, Dennis
2021Information related service trade within firms: evidence from firm-level data in GermanyHafner, Kurt A.; Kleinert, Jörn
2021Speculative asset price dynamics and wealth taxesMignot, Sarah; Tramontana, Fabio; Westerhoff, Frank
2021Refined cut selection for benders decomposition: applied to network capacity expansion problemsBrandenberg, René; Stursberg, Paul
2021Does moderate weight loss affect subjective health perception in obese individuals? Evidence from field experimental dataHafner, Lucas; Tauchmann, Harald; Wübker, Ansgar
2021“Corporate Digital Responsibility”Herden, Christina J.; Alliu, Ervin; Cakici, André; Cormier, Thibaut; Deguelle, Catherine; Gambhir, Sahil; Griffiths, Caleb; Gupta, Shrishti; Kamani, Sahil R.; Kiratli, Yonca-Selda; Kispataki, Máté; Lange, Greta; Moles de Matos, Leandro; Tripero Moreno, Laura; Betancourt Nunez, Hector Alain; Pilla, Venkata; Raj, Bairesh; Roe, James; Skoda, Markus; Song, Youye; Ummadi, Praveen Kumar; Edinger-Schons, Laura Marie
2021On the algorithmic solution of optimization problems subject to probabilistic/robust (probust) constraintsBerthold, Holger; Heitsch, Holger; Henrion, René; Schwientek, Jan
2021The effect of influenza and pneumococcal vaccination in the elderly on health service utilisation and costs: a claims data-based cohort studyStorch, Josephine; Fleischmann-Struzek, Carolin; Rose, Norman; Lehmann, Thomas; Mikolajetz, Anna; Maddela, Srikanth; Pletz, Mathias W.; Forstner, Christina; Wichmann, Ole; Neufeind, Julia; Vogel, Monique; Reinhart, Konrad; Vollmar, Horst Christian; Freytag, Antje; ,
2021Corporate boards, interorganizational ties and profitability: the case of JapanRaddant, Matthias; Takahashi, Hiroshi
2021Beating the market? A mathematical puzzle for market efficiencyBaumann, Michael Heinrich
2021Analysing the requirements for an Open Research Knowledge Graph: use cases, quality requirements, and construction strategiesBrack, Arthur; Hoppe, Anett; Stocker, Markus; Auer, Sören; Ewerth, Ralph
2021Economic preferences and trade outcomesKorff, Alex; Steffen, Nico
2021Nighttime lights and wealth in very small areasMäättä, Ilari; Ferreira, Thomas; Leßmann, Christian
2021An ALNS algorithm for the static dial-a-ride problem with ride and waiting time minimizationPfeiffer, Christian; Schulz, Arne
2021Online network monitoringMalinovskaya, Anna; Otto, Philipp
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1752