AEI Economics Working Paper Series, American Enterprise Institute (AEI)

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2024Dollar dominance is here to stay for the foreseeable future: The real issue for the global economy is how and whyKamin, Steven; Sobel, Mark
2024Understanding rural and urban differences in the price and affordability of early childcare in the United StatesSmith, Vincent H.; Goren, Benjamin
2024Minimum standards for maximum pricing constraintsJamison, Mark A.
2024Does dollarization mean importing the Fed's monetary policy?Kamin, Steven; Carrillo-Maldonado, Paul; Clements, Benedict J.; Vakil, Aatman
2024Has intergenerational progress stalled? Income growth over five generations of AmericansCorinth, Kevin; Larrimore, Jeff
2024Does team work make the dream work? (and other claims of student-oriented mathematics instruction)Biggs, Andrew G.; Mantus, John
2024The risks from state and local government employee pension plans: A stochastic simulation analysisWarshawsky, Mark J.
2024A human capital theory of who escapes the grasp of the local monopsonistKahn, Matthew E.; Tracy, Joseph S.
2024Unencumbered by style: Why do funds change factor loadings and does it help?Bai, Ting; Hilscher, Jens; Scherbina, Anna
2024How will the interaction of wages and prices play out in the last mile of disinflation?Kamin, Steven; Roberts, John M.
2024Classical right, new right, and voting behavior: Evidence from a quasi-natural experimentFernández-Villaverde, Jesús; Sanz, Carloz
2024What do states do with fiscal windfalls? Evidence from the pandemicClemens, Jeffrey; Giesecke, Oliver; Rauh, Joshua; Veuger, Stan
2024Infrastructure inequality: Who pays the cost of road roughness?Glaeser, Edward L.; Currier, Lindsey; Kreindler, Gabriel E.
2023The Effects of Elevating the Supplemental Poverty Measure on Government Program Eligibility and SpendingCorinth, Kevin
2023Intergovernmental Grants and Policy Competition: Concepts, Institutions, and EvidenceClemens, Jeffrey; Veuger, Stan
2023Drug Pricing Decisions and Insurance Coverage: Evidence from Medicare Part DIppolito, Benedic N.; Levy, Joseph F.
2023Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, Who's the Most Hawkish Central Bank of AllKamin, Steven B.
2023Moving to density: Half a century of housing costs and wage premia from Queens to King SalmonVeuger, Stan; Hoxie, Philip G.; Shoag, Daniel
2023Replacement Rates and the Retirement CrisisBiggs, Andrew G.
2023An Alternative Focus for Antitrust: Addressing Harmful Competitive AdvantageJamison, Mark A.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 234