PhD Series, Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2022Essays in macroeconomics: Inflation inequality, consumption baskets and impulse responsesWeissert, Christoffer Jessen
2022Essays on financial transaction taxes: Impact on trading volume, market composition and liquidityThöni, Patrick
2022The political economy of interstate conflicts and industrial developmentZelle, Helge
2022Technology and the environment in general equilibriumBerg, Rasmus Kehlet
2022Essays on health care: New insights into the economic burden of population ageing and the implementation of health policies aimed at promoting evidence-based clinical practice and consistency in the delivery of hospital careIversen, Anna Kollerup
2021Dynamic Conditional Eigenvalues: Inference and testing in the λ-GARCH modelHetland, Simon Thinggaard
2021Financial problems, fairness views and crime: Evidence from new combinations of administrative records and online surveys and experimentsHvidberg, Kristoffer Balle
2021The formation and persistence of perceptions statistical inference and social networksBusch, Benedikt
2021Empirical essays on the effectiveness of active labor market policies: Caseworkers, vocational training & statistical profilingBuskjær Rasmussen, Mette
2021Essays on smartphones' effects on attention and behaviorGlavind, Kristoffer Lind
2021Essays on retirement, savings, taxation, and skill formationGarcía-Miralles, Esteban
2021Essays in economics of child protectionGram Cavalca, Petra
2021Causes of inequality in health and economic resources: Empirical essays in economicsJørgensen, Mia Herløv
2021Empirical essays in institutional and organizational economicsChevrot-Bianco, Esther
2021Essays in dynamic economicsMogensen, Patrick Kofod
2020Three essays on housing markets: Price dispersion, dynamic location choices and family investmentsCarstensen, Christian Langholz
2020Universal child policies, child development and parental behaviorHirani, Jonas Lau-Jensen
2020Essays in migration economics: A host country perspective on receiving and integrating immigrantsHasager, Linea
2020Essays on the political economy of development: Determinants of political and economic behaviorAgneman, Gustav
2020Yield curve dynamics: Persistence, volatility, and the real economyHansen, Anne Lundgaard
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 109