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2021 Intellectual Property in the EU-MERCOSUR FTA: A brief review of the negotiating outcomes of a long-awaited agreementBlasetti, Roxana; Correa, Juan I.
2021 Les réformes de l'Organisation mondiale de la Santé a l'époque de COVID-19Velásquez, Germán
2021 Reconsidérations sur la fabrication mondiale et locale de produits médicaux après le COVID-19Velásquez, Germán
2021 Mesures nationales sur l'imposition de l'économie numériqueGrondona, Veronica; Chowdhary, Abdul Muheet; Uribe, Daniel
2020 The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Peasants and Other People Working in Rural Areas: One step forward in the promotion of human rights for the most vulnerablePacheco Rodriguez, Maria Natalia; Rosales Lozada, Luis Fernando
2020 Designing pro-health competition policies in developing countriesIdo, Vitor Henrique Pinto
2020 Revisiting the question of extending the limits of protection of pharmaceutical patents and data outside the EU: The need to rebalanceAcquah, Daniel Opoku
2020 Analysis of the overcapacity and overfishing pillar of the WTO fisheries subsidies negotiationsLunenborg, Peter
2020 How civil society action can contribute to combating antimicrobial resistancePortillo, Mirza Alas
2020 Practical implications of "vaccine nationalism": A short-sighted and risky approach in response to COVID-19Abbas, Muhammad Zaheer
2020 TRIPS flexibilities on patent enforcement: Lessons from some developed countries relating to pharmaceutical patent protectionSarnoff, Joshua D.
2020 Special Section 301: US interference with the design and implementation of national patent lawsCorrea, Carlos M.
2020 Re-thinking global and local manufacturing of medical products after COVID-19Velásquez, Germán
2020 Data in legal limbo: Ownership, sovereignty, or a digital public goods regime?Correa, Carlos María
2020 The TRIPS Agreement Article 73 Security Exceptions and the COVID-19 pandemicAbbott, Frederick M.
2020 Las reformas de la Organización Mundial de la Salud en la época de COVID-19Velásquez, Germán
2020 Patent analysis for medicines and biotherapeutics in trials to treat COVID-19Ravi, Srividya
2020 The World Health Organization reforms in the time of COVID-19Velásquez, Germán
2020 La evolución de la jurisprudencia en materia de salud en ArgentinaBracamonte, Silvina Andrea; Cassinerio, José Luis
2020 Estudio preliminar del capítulo sobre propiedad intelectual del acuerdo MERCOSUR - UEAoun, Alejandra; Barrenechea, Alejo; Blasetti, Roxana; Cortese, Martín; Gette, Gabriel; Hermida, Nicolás; Kors, Jorge Alberto; Lowenstein, Vanesa; Vidaurreta, Guillermo E.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 136