EWI-Arbeitspapiere, Energiewirtschaftliches Institut, Universität Köln

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2020 Pricing short-term gas transmission capacity: A theoretical approach to understand the diverse effects of the multiplier systemÇam, Eren; Lencz, Dominic
2020 Estimating long-term global supply costs for low-carbon hydrogenBrändle, Gregor; Schönfisch, Max; Schulte, Simon
2020 One price fits all? Wind power expansion under uniform and nodal pricing in GermanySchmidt, Lukas; Zinke, Jonas
2020 A carbon price floor in the reformed EU ETS: Design matters!Hintermayer, Martin
2020 Optimal dispatch of a coal-fired power plant with integrated thermal energy storageÇam, Eren
2020 How does the EU ETS reform impact allowance prices? The role of myopia, hedging requirements and the Hotelling ruleBocklet, Johanna; Hintermayer, Martin
2020 Puncturing the waterbed or the new green paradox? The effectiveness of overlapping policies in the EU ETS under perfect foresight and myopiaSchmidt, Lukas
2019 The shift in global crude oil market structure: A model-based analysis of the period 2013-2017Berk, Istemi; Çam, Eren
2019 The role of electricity in decarbonizing European road transport: Development and assessment of an integrated multi-sectoral modelHelgeson, Broghan; Peter, Jakob
2019 How does climate change affect optimal allocation of variable renewable energy?Peter, Jakob
2019 The reformed EU ETS: Intertemporal emission trading with restricted bankingBocklet, Johanna; Hintermayer, Martin; Schmidt, Lukas; Wildgrube, Theresa
2019 Fukushima and German energy policy 2005-2015/2016Growitsch, Christian; Höffler, Felix
2019 Agricultural liming in Zambia: Potential effects on welfareHinkel, Niklas
2018 Optimal allocation of variable renewable energy considering contributions to security of supplyPeter, Jakob; Wagner, Johannes
2018 Multi-unit multiple bid auctions in balancing markets: An agent-based Q-learning approachViehmann, Johannes; Lorenczik, Stefan; Malischek, Raimund
2018 Distributed generation in unbundled electricity marketsWagner, Johannes
2017 Reliable electricity: The effects of system integration and cooperative measures to make it workHagspiel, Simeon
2017 Competition and regulation as a means of reducing CO2 emissions: Experience from U.S. fossil fuel power plantsGrowitsch, Christian; Paulus, Simon; Wetzel, Heike
2017 Tender frequency and market concentration in balancing power marketsKnaut, Andreas; Obermüller, Frank; Weiser, Florian
2017 Turkey's role in natural gas: Becoming a transit country?Berk, Istemi; Schulte, Simon
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 134