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2023Children and the gender earnings gap: Evidence for AustraliaBahar, Elif; Bradshaw, Natasha; Deutscher, Nathan; Montaigne, Maxine
2023Modelling fiscal policy with OLGA Treasury's OverLapping Generations model of the Australian economyCai, Yiyong; Gustafsson, Linus; Kouparitsas, Michael A.; Smith, Jazmine; Zhang, Rachel
2023Modelling industry specific policy with TIM: Treasury's multi-sector dynamic general equilibrium model of the Australian economyCarlton, Freya; Gustafsson, Linus; Hinson, Melissa; Jaensch, Jack; Kouparitsas, Michael A.; Peat, Niall; Quach, Ken; Wende, Sebastian; Womack, Phillipp
2023Did labour market concentration lower wages growth pre-COVID?Hambur, Jonathan
2022Reaching for the stars: Australian firms and the global productivity frontierAndrews, Dan; Hambur, Jonathan; Hansell, David; Wheeler, Angus
2021The Treasury Macroeconometric Model of Australia: Modelling approachBullen, Jared; Conigrave, Benjamin; Elderfield, Adam; Karmel, Cecilia; Lucas, Larissa; Murphy, Christopher William; Ruberl, Heather; Stoney, Nicholas; Yao, Hui
2021The lifetime fiscal impact of the Australian permanent migration programVarela, Peter; Husek, Nicholas; Williams, Thom; Maher, Richard; Kennedy, Darren
2021Estimating the NAIRU in AustraliaRuberl, Heather; Ball, Meika; Lucas, Larissa; Williamson, Thomas
2021Australian labour force participation: Historical trends and future prospectsGustafsson, Linus
2021Product market power and its implications for the Australian economyHambur, Jonathan
2020The career effects of labour market conditions at entryAndrews, Dan; Deutscher, Nathan; Hambur, Jonathan; Hansell, David
2019Job-to-job transitions and the wages of Australian workersDeutscher, Nathan
2019Recent personal income tax progressivity trends in AustraliaDavis, Graeme; Akroyd, Philip; Pearl, David; Sainsbury, Tristram
2019Measuring productivity dispersion in selected Australian industriesCampbell, Simon; Nguyen, Thai; Sibelle, Alexander; Soriano, Franklin
2019Wage growth in Australia: Lessons from longitudinal microdataAndrews, Dan; Deutscher, Nathan; Hambur, Jonathan; Hansell, David
2019Tobacco excise: historical trends and forecasting methodologyO'Bannon, Jonathan; Clark, John
2019The uncertainty of revenue costings in the medium termHutchison, Owen; Reporter, Iyanoosh; Scholl, Rita; Beer, Gillian; Trott, Declan; Soh, Wei Ying
2019Productivity-enhancing labour reallocation in AustraliaAndrews, Dan; Hansell, David
2018Australia's experience with economic reformBerger-Thomson, Laura; Breusch, John; Lilley, Louise
2018Nowcasting Australia's gross domestic productGrant, Angelia L.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 41