Working Papers, Department of Economics, Copenhagen Business School (CBS)

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2020Flickering lifelines: Electrification and household welfare in IndiaSedai, Ashish Kumar; Nepal, Rabindra; Jamasb, Tooraj
2020Managing power supply interruptions: A bottom-up spatial (frontier) model with an application to a Spanish electricity networkArgüelles, Pablo; Orea, Luis
2020Sectoral electricity demand and direct rebound effect in New ZealandNepal, Rabindra; Al Irsyad, Muhammad Indra; Jamasb, Tooraj
2020Energy Systems Integration: Implications for public policyCambini, Carlo; Congiu, Raffaele; Jamasb, Tooraj; Llorca, Manuel; Soroush, Golnoush
2020Captive power, market access, and welfare effects in the Bangladesh electricity sectorAmin, Sakib; Jamasb, Tooraj; Llorca, Manuel; Marsiliani, Laura; Renström, Thomas I.
2020On green growth with sustainable capitalBasu, Parantap; Jamasb, Tooraj
2020Electrification and socio-economic empowerment of women in IndiaSedai, Ashish Kumar; Nepal, Rabindra; Jamasb, Tooraj
2019Time for GrowthSevergnini, Battista; Boerner, Lars
2019Bid Costs and the (In)efficiency of Public Procurement AuctionsBlomgren-Hansen, Niels
2019Consumption Dynamics under Time-Varying Unemployment RiskHarmenberg, Karl; Ôberg, Erik
2019On Using Pareto Distributions for Measuring Top-Income Gender DisparitiesHansen, Niels-Jakob Harbo; Harmenberg, Karl; Öberg, Erik; Sievertsen, Hans-Henrik
2019Intratemporal Nonseparability Between Housing and Nondurable Consumption: Evidence from Reinvestment in Housing StockKhorunzhina, Natalia
2019American Dream Delayed: Shifting Determinants of HomeownershipKhorunzhina, Natalia; Miller, Robert A.
2019A Time to Print, a Time to ReformBoerner, Lars; Rubin, Jared; Severgnini, Battista
2019Risk Attitudes, Sample Selection and Attrition in a Longitudinal Field ExperimentHarrison, Glenn W.; Lau, Morten I.; Yoo, Hong Il
2019The Long-Term Impact of Children's Disabilities on FamiliesGunnsteinsson , Snaebjorn; Steingrimsdottir , Herdis
2018Should I Stay or Must I Go? Temporary Protection and Refugee OutcomesKilström, Matilda; Larsen, Birthe; Olme, Elisabet
2018Trade-Induced Skill PolarizationGu, Grace; Malik, Samreen; Pozzoli, Dario; Rocha, Vera
2018Coordination of Hours within the FirmLabanca, Claudio; Pozzoli, Dario
2018Det koster at være lille. Grønlands hjemtagelser 1980 til 1993 og smådriftsulemperLund, Lars
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 213