JRC Working Papers Series on Labour, Education and Technology, Joint Research Centre (JRC), European Commission

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2023Employment shifts in Europe from 1997 to 2021: From job upgrading to polarisationTorrejón Pérez, Sergio; Hurley, John; Fernández-Macías, Enrique; Staffa, Elisa
2023Shifts in the composition of jobs: The case of Russia (2000-2019)Gimpel§son, Vladimir E.; Kapeljuésnikov, R. I.
2023Structural changes in Brazilian employment (2002-2021)Rodrigues-Silveira, Rodrigo
2023Structural changes in South Korea employment (2000-2021)Minki Hong
2023Changes in the structure of employment and the discussion on occupational polarization in Latin America the cases of Argentina, Chile and MexicoMaurizio, Roxana; Monsalvo, Ana Paula; Catania, Sol; Martínez, Silvana
2023Job polarization in the United States in the 21st century studying shifts in employment structures using occupations and sectorsDwyer, Rachel E.
2023Structural changes in the employment structure of India in 2012-2020: Job upgrading or polarization?Sarkar, Sudipa; Torrejón Pérez, Sergio
2023Feminization, ageing and occupational change in Europe in the last 25 yearsMariscal-de-Gante, Álvaro; Palencia-Esteban, Amaia; Grubanov-Boskovic, Sara; Fernández-Macías, Enrique
2023Structural changes in Canadian employment from 1997 to 2022Willcox, Michael; Feor, Brittany
2022How digital technology is reshaping the art of managementUrzì Brancati, Maria Cesira; Curtarelli, Maurizio; Riso, Sara; Baiocco, Sara
2022The outsourcing wage penalty along the wage distribution by genderFana, Marta; Giangregorio, Luca; Villani, Davide
2022Changing social investment strategies in the EUBaiocco, Sara; Alcidi, Cinzia; Corti, Francesco; Di Salvo, Mattia
2022The algorithmic management of work and its implications in different contextsBaiocco, Sara; Fernández-Macías, Enrique; Rani, Uma; Pesole, Annarosa
2022Digital skills for all? From computer literacy to AI skills in online job advertisementsSostero, Matteo; Tolan, Songül
2022Regional heterogeneity in occupational change: Using Census data to investigate employment polarisation and upgrading at NUTS-3 levelVera-Toscano, Esperanza; Fana, Marta; Fernández-Macías, Enrique
2022Job descriptions, from conception to recruitment: A qualitative review of hiring practicesGoulart, Kimberly Seung; Rodríguez Menés, Jorge; Caroz Armayones, Josep Maria
2021The impact of IoT and 3D printing on job quality and work organisation: A snapshot from SpainGrande, Rafael; Vallejo-Peña, Alberto; Urzi Brancati, Cesira
2021A comprehensive European database of tasks indices for socio-economic researchBisello, Martina; Fana, Marta; Fernández-Macías, Enrique; Torrejón Pérez, Sergio
2021The professional lens: What online job advertisements can say about occupational task profilesSostero, Matteo; Fernández-Macías, Enrique
2021Automation and its employment effects: A literature review of automotive and garment sectorsAnzolin, Guendalina
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 54