Kiel Working Papers, Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IfW)

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2021 Restructuring sovereign bonds: Holdouts, haircuts and the effectiveness of CACsFang, Chuck; Schumacher, Julian; Trebesch, Christoph
2021 Thinking outside the container: A machine learning approach to forecasting trade flowsStamer, Vincent
2021 From Theory to Policy with Gravitas: A Solution to the Mystery of the Excess Trade BalancesFelbermayr, Gabriel; Yotov, Yoto V.
2021 Tracing the evolution of service robotics: Insights from a topic modeling approachOtt, Ingrid; Savin, Ivan; Konop, Chris
2021 Trade liberalization along the firm size distribution: The case of the EU-South Korea FTAChowdhry, Sonali; Felbermayr, Gabriel
2021 Trade and the spatial distribution of transport infrastructureFelbermayr, Gabriel; Tarasov, Alexander
2021 What 5,000 acknowledgements tell us about informal collaboration in financial economicsRose, Michael E.; Georg, Co-Pierre
2020 Populist leaders and the economyFunke, Manuel; Schularick, Moritz; Trebesch, Christoph
2020 Comparative advantage in (non-)routine productionArchanskaia, Liza; Van Biesebroeck, Johannes; Willmann, Gerald
2020 Skills in African Labor Markets and Implications for Migration to EuropeBackhaus, Andreas
2020 Assessing Asia - Sub-Saharan Africa global value chain linkagesTang, Heiwai; Zeng, Douglas Zhihua; Zeufack, Albert G.
2020 Coping with disasters: Two centuries of international official lendingHorn, Sebastian; Reinhart, Carmen M.; Trebesch, Christoph
2020 On the heterogeneous trade and welfare effects of GATT/WTO membershipFelbermayr, Gabriel; Larch, Mario; Yalçin, Erdal; Yotov, Yoto
2020 The future of (negative) emissions trading in the European UnionRickels, Wilfried; Proelß, Alexander; Geden, Oliver; Burhenne, Julian; Fridahl, Mathias
2020 Endogenous growth, skill obsolescence and output hysteresis in a New Keynesian model with unemploymentLechthaler, Wolfgang; Tesfaselassie, Mewael F.
2020 Reliable real-time output gap estimates based on a modified Hamilton filterQuast, Josefine; Wolters, Maik H.
2020 Corona politics: The cost of mismanaging pandemicsHerrera, Helios; Konradt, Maximilian; Ordoñez, Guillermo; Trebesch, Christoph
2020 Mask wars: China's exports of medical goods in times of COVID-19Fuchs, Andreas; Kaplan, Lennart; Kis-Katos, Krisztina; Schmidt, Sebastian S.; Turbanisch, Felix; Wang, Feicheng
2020 Overconfidence and hygiene non-compliance in hospitalsLima de Miranda, Katharina; Detlefsen, Lena; Stolpe, Michael
2020 Worth the pain? Firms' exporting behavior to countries under sanctionsCrozet, Matthieu; Hinz, Julian; Stammann, Amrei Luise; Wanner, Joschka
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2193
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