Triple Helix: A Journal of University-Industry-Government Innovation and Entrepreneurship, SpringerOpen

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 Research collaboration for a knowledge-based economy: towards a conceptual frameworkMensah, Mavis Serwah Benneh; Enu-Kwesi, Francis
2018 Measuring synergy within a Triple Helix innovation system using game theory: cases of some developed and emerging countriesMêgnigbêto, Eustache
2018 Three operational models for ambidexterity in large corporationsAlänge, Sverker; Steiber, Annika
2018 The public sector’s role in Norwegian network cooperation: triple helix or laissez-faire?Larsen, Øyvind Heimset; Nesse, Jon Gunnar; Rubach, Synnøve
2018 Hidden Chief Technology Officers: the surfacing of a subterranean organizational roleLohmüller, Bertram; Petrikhin, Alexander; Wagemann, Norbert
2018 Building builders: entrepreneurship education from an ecosystem perspective at MITRibeiro, Artur Tavares Vilas Boas; Uechi, Juliana Natsumi; Plonski, Guilherme Ary
2017 Educational Action Research and Triple Helix principles in entrepreneurship education: introducing the EARTH design to explore individuals in Triple Helix collaborationMandrup, Michael; Jensen, Tine Lynfort
2017 Networks of entrepreneurs driving the Triple Helix: two cases of the Dutch energy systemWerker, Claudia; Ubacht, Jolien; Ligtvoet, Andreas
2017 The transfer of corruptive routines from old industrial regions to innovation clusters: a blind spot in innovation studiesGebhardt, Christiane
2017 Connecting the Triple Helix space: actor-network creation and institutionalisation of knowledge transfer officesPinto, Hugo
2017 Organising for innovation in regional innovation systems: from fragmented innovation ecosystems to the joint aim for competitiveness of offshore wind energyBrink, Tove
2016 Hidden mediator roles of university spin-offs in Triple Helix networksvan Geenhuizen, Marina S.; Ye, Qing; Taheri, Mozhdeh
2016 Impact of competitions for ideas and business plans on firm creation and development of entrepreneurial university: case study of the IPC in PortugalMarques, João P. C.
2016 The Triple Helix model and the competence set: human spare parts industry under scrutinySotarauta, Markku; Heinonen, Tuomo
2016 Different network typologies in patenting activity of academic inventors through time: the case of Italian chemists in the period 2000–2011Capellari, Saveria; De Stefano, Domenico
2016 Assessing economic impact of research and innovation originating from public research institutions and universities—case of Singapore PRIsCheah, Sarah; Yu, Christopher
2016 The triple helix frame for small- and medium-sized enterprises for innovation and development of offshore wind energyBrink, Tove; Madsen, Svend Ole
2016 Editorial: Path dependence and novelties in Russian innovationDeézina, Irina G.; Etzkowitz, Henry
2016 Intermediation in intermediation: triple helix innovation and intermediary legal organisationReich-Graefe, René
2016 The wisdom of the intermediary: the role, function, and ways-of-being of the intermediary in a strategic program for university-industry relationsFrølund, Lars; Ziethen, Morten
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 53