Review of Economic Perspectives. The Journal of Masaryk University, De Gruyter Open

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2018 The Effects of Research and Development (R&D) Investments on Sustainable Economic Growth: Evidence from OECD Countries (1996-2015)Yazgan, Şekip; Yalçinkaya, Ömer
2018 Planned stagnation? The economic plan vs. reality in the Czechoslovak railway sector of the 1970s and 1980sNigrin, Tomáš
2018 Selected Issues from the Dark Side of the General Data Protection RegulationCvik, Daniela Eva; Pelikánová MacGregor, Radka; Malý, Michal
2018 Interest and tax burden on corporations in the Czech industrial and banking sector after 2008Sedláček, Jaroslav; Němec, Daniel
2018 Loose Monetary Policy and Corporate Investment of Manufacturing Firms in the Czech RepublicKajurová, Veronika; Linnertová, Dagmar
2018 Fiscal-Monetary-Financial Stability Interactions in a Data-Rich EnvironmentHodula, Martin; Pfeifer, Lukáš
2018 Labour Market in the Czech Republic: DSGE ApproachŽelezník, Martin
2018 Firm’s Absorptive Capacity: The Case of Vietnamese Manufacturing FirmsVu Hoang, Duong
2018 Spatial Dimension of Czech Enterprise Support Policy: Where are Public Expenditures Allocated?Novosák, Jiří; Hájek, Oldřich; Novosáková, Jana; Koleňák, Jiří
2018 Determinants of Patent Protection Regimes: A Self-Organizing Map ApproachDemir, Caner; Cergibozan, Raif
2018 Productivity Development in Selected Central European Countries Measured by the Sato Production FunctionRoubalová, Lenka; Viskotová, Lenka
2018 Income Self-Sufficiency and Profitability of Professional Theatres in the Czech RepublicBečica, Jiří
2018 R&D Investments, EPO Patent Applications and the Economic Heterogeneity within the EUPotužáková, Zuzana; Öhm, Jan
2018 Long-Distance Passenger Transport: Geography, Infrastructure, Competition – A Conference ReportJandová, Monika; Paleta, Tomáš
2018 Impact of E-Government Development on the Level of Corruption: Measuring the Effects of Related Indices in Time and DimensionsMáchová, Renáta; Volejníková, Jolana; Lněnička, Martin
2018 Multi-criteria Evaluation of the State of Professional Theatres in the Czech Republic in Terms of Mixed Public Goods Provided to the CitizensArdielli, Eva; Bečica, Jiří
2018 Entrepreneurial Innovation: the European Union perspectiveIgnatov, Augustin
2018 Property Tax and Quality of Life in the Czech Municipalities: Does the Policy of Raising Local Coefficient Imply Potential or Risk for Development?Zdražil, Pavel; Pernica, Bohuslav
2018 Determining Some Factors of the Financial Situation in the European Union Publishing SectorSanz José, Ángel; Bedate Ana, María; Durántez, Mariano
2018 Impact of refugee population on development: A comparative analysis for the case of host economiesKouni, Mohamed
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 110