ECIPE Occasional Papers, European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE)

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2016 What will happen to U.S. trade policy when Trump runs the zoo?VanGrasstek, Craig
2016 Manufacturing discontent: The rise to power of anti-TTIP groupsBauer, Matthias
2016 The EU's trade with emerging markets: Climbing the value-added chain and growing IP intensity?Bauer, Matthias; Erixon, Fredrik
2015 The importance of complementary policy for ICT in the EUVan der Marel, Erik
2015 Disentangling the flows of data: Inside or outside the multinational company?Van der Marel, Erik
2015 The health of nations: A transatlantic trade and investment agenda for better healthcareErixon, Fredrik; Ferracane, Martina Francesca; Van der Marel, Erik
2015 Positioning on the global value chain map: Where do you want to be?Van der Marel, Erik
2015 Intellectual property rights: Getting priorities rightErixon, Fredrik
2015 "Splendid Isolation" as Trade Policy: Mercantilism and Crude Keynesianism in "the Capaldo Study" of TTIPBauer, Matthias; Erixon, Fredrik
2014 OECD BEPS: Reconciling global trade, taxation principles and the digital economyLee-Makiyama, Hosuk; Verschelde, Bert
2014 Demystifying Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS)Abbott, Roderick; Erixon, Fredrik; Ferracane, Martina Francesca
2014 Mega-regional trade agreements: Implications for the African, Caribbean and Pacific countriesDraper, Peter; Lacey, Simon; Ramkolowan, Yash
2014 Cities and the wealth of nations: How can Helsinki, London, Paris and Stockholm prosper from TTIP?Erixon, Fredrik; Ferracane, Martina Francesca
2014 The costs of data localisation: Friendly fire on economic recoveryBauer, Matthias; Lee-Makiyama, Hosuk; Van der Marel, Erik; Verschelde, Bert
2014 Investing in obesity treatment to deliver significant healthcare savings: Estimating the healthcare costs of obesity and the benefits of treatmentErixon, Fredrik; Brandt, Lisa; Krol, Michal
2013 Money mischief in the Eurozone: Reforming the European Monetary UnionErixon, Fredrik
2013 Biofuls reform in the European Union: Why new ILUC rules will reinforce the WTO inconsistency of EU biofuels policyErixon, Fredrik
2013 EU policies on online entrepreneurship: Conversations with U.S. venture capitalistsErixon, Fredrik
2013 Labour-market integration of immigrants in OECD-countries: What explanations fit the data?Bergh, Andreas
2012 The rising trend of green protectionism: Biofuels and the European UnionErixon, Fredrik
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 33