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2017 EditorialTavana, Madjid
2016 A context-aware and social model of dynamic multiple criteria preferencesGiacchi, Evelina; Corrente, Salvatore; Di Stefano, Alessandro; Greco, Salvatore; La Corte, Aurelio; Scatá, Marialisa
2016 Supervised classification with interdependent variables to support targeted energy efficiency measures in the residential sectorSodenkamp, Mariya; Kozlovskiy, Ilya; Staake, Thorsten
2016 A joint renewal process used to model event based dataMergenthaler, Wolfgang; Jaroszewski, Daniel; Feller, Sebastian; Laumann, Larissa
2016 A Bayesian Network-based customer satisfaction model: A tool for management decisions in railway transportChakraborty, Subrata; Mengersen, Kerrie; Fidge, Colin; Ma, Lin; Lassen, David
2016 An analytics approach to adaptive maturity models using organizational characteristicsBaars, Thijs; Mijnhardt, Frederik; Vlaanderen, Kevin; Spruit, Marco
2016 Models of sequential decision making in consumer lendingRajaratnam, Kanshukan; Beling, Peter A.; Overstreet, George A.
2015 A novel cost-sensitive framework for customer churn predictive modelingBahnsen, Alejandro; Aouada, Djamila; Ottersten, Björn
2015 Localized twitter opinion mining using sentiment analysisHridoy, Syed Anwar; Ekram, M. Tahmid; Islam, Mohammad; Ahmed, Faysal; Rahman, Rashedur
2015 A structured scientific solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: The analytic hierarchy process approachSaaty, Thomas; Vargas, Luis; Zoffer, H. J.
2015 Process modeling and decision mining in a collaborative distance learning environmentPremchaiswadi, Wichian; Porouhan, Parham
2015 Towards decision analytics in product portfolio managementOtten, Sjors; Spruit, Marco; Helms, Remko
2015 Building capacity for assessing spatial-based sustainability metrics in agricultureKouadio, Louis; Newlands, Nathaniel K.
2015 Improving accuracy of students' final grade prediction model using optimal equal width binning and synthetic minority over-sampling techniqueJishan, Syed; Rashu, Raisul; Haque, Naheena; Rahman, Rashedur M.
2015 A new multi-dimensional conceptualization of individual achievement in collegeBerea, Anamaria; Tsvetovat, Maksim; Daun-Barnett, Nathan; Greenwald, Mathew; Cox, Elena
2014 Ontological specification of quality of chronic disease data in EHRs to support decision analytics: A realist reviewRahimi, Alireza; Liaw, Siaw-teng; Ray, Pradeep; Taggart, Jane; Yu, Hairong
2014 An ontological knowledge and multiple abstraction level decision support system in healthcarePiovesan, Luca; Molino, Gianpaolo; Terenziani, Paolo
2014 Determining the revenue contribution of logistics customer service improvements: A multi criteria decision making approachWessely, Philip; Hofmann, Erik
2014 Improving short-term demand forecasting for short-lifecycle consumer products with data mining techniquesMaaß, Dennis; Spruit, Marco; de Waal, Peter
2014 Sleep disorder diagnosis: The design and implications of online toolsBlake, Jacqueline; Kerr, Don
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 24