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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016 Terms of endearment: An equilibrium model of sex and matchingArcidiacono, Peter; Beauchamp, Andrew; McElroy, Marjorie
2016 Duality in dynamic discrete-choice modelsChiong, Khai Xiang; Galichon, Alfred; Shum, Matt
2016 Pensions, household saving, and welfare: A dynamic analysis of crowd outBlau, David M.
2016 Experience and worker flowsGorry, Aspen
2016 Bayesian estimation of a dynamic stochastic general equilibrium model with asset pricesKliem, Martin; Uhlig, Harald
2016 Testing the quantity–quality model of fertility: Estimation using unrestricted family size modelsMogstad, Magne; Wiswall, Matthew
2016 The cyclical dynamics of illiquid housing, debt, and foreclosuresHedlund, Aaron
2016 Unobserved heterogeneity in dynamic games: Cannibalization and preemptive entry of hamburger chains in CanadaIgami, Mitsuru; Yang, Nathan
2016 Bayesian inference in a class of partially identified modelsKline, Brendan; Tamer, Elie
2016 Inference under stability of risk preferencesBarseghyan, Levon; Molinari, Francesca; Teitelbaum, Joshua C.
2016 Explaining the gender wage gap: Estimates from a dynamic model of job changes and hours changesLiu, Kai
2016 Clearinghouses for two-sided matching: An experimental studyEchenique, Federico; Wilson, Alistair J.; Yariv, Leeat
2016 Pooling data across markets in dynamic Markov gamesOtsu, Taisuke; Pesendorfer, Martin; Takahashi, Yuya
2016 Identification and estimation of semiparametric two-step modelsEscanciano, Juan Carlos; Jacho-Chávez, David; Lewbel, Arthur
2016 The empirical content of games with bounded regressorsKline, Brendan
2016 Communication with multiple senders: An experimentVespa, Emanuel; Wilson, Alistair J.
2016 The development and spread of financial innovationsHull, Isaiah
2016 Drifts and volatilities under measurement error: Assessing monetary policy shocks over the last centuryAmir-Ahmadi, Pooyan; Matthes, Christian; Wang, Mu-Chun
2016 Perturbation methods for Markov-switching dynamic stochastic general equilibrium modelsFoerster, Andrew; Rubio-Ramírez, Juan F.; Waggoner, Daniel F.; Zha, Tao
2015 Research and development, profits, and firm value: A structural estimationWarusawitharana, Missaka
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 117