CHOPE Working Papers, Center for the History of Political Economy, Duke University

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2024Kenneth Arrow's fundamental critique of neoclassical economicsMaayan, Yam
2024The gatekeeper's dilemma: Expert testimony, scientific knowledge and judicial reasoningPeruzzi, Edoardo; Cevolani, Gustavo
2024In search of lost reason: Ramsey, Keynes, and the intellectualism debateMarouzi, Soroush
2023Distribution of power and ordered competition in the European coal and steel communityCarret, Vincent
2023The emperor has no clothes: A reply to Ginoux and JovanovicCarret, Vincent
2023The early John Maynard Keynes: An intellectualist becomes disappointedMarouzi, Soroush
2023Wassily Leontief's Research Program: Science, beliefs, institutionsCarret, Vincent
2023The coevolution of central banks and the concept of monetary policyHoover, Kevin D.
2023What happened on Blackstone Avenue? Recovering the origins of the coase theoremMedema, Steven G.
2023A micro foundational episode of the early history of macroeconomics: A 1932 debate on Walrasian economics and multiple equilibriaAssous, Michaël; Carret, Vincent
2023Do engineers believe in spontaneous order? The case of Jacques RueffCarret, Vincent
2023Posnerian rhapsody: The role of the coase theorem in economic analysis of lawMedema, Steven G.
2023Neither economist nor historianWeintraub, Eliot Roy
2022Looking for a "genuine science of politics": William H. Riker and the game theoretical turn in political scienceDamiani, Gianluca
2022Investment planning and the input-output model in postwar EuropeCarret, Vincent
2022One man a committee does not make: Henry Manne, the AEA-AALS joint committee, and the struggle to institutionalize law and economicsGindis, David; Medema, Steven G.
2022Bread and steel: Harcourt on the economic surplus, employment and distribution in two-sector economiesBoianovsky, Mauro
2022Understanding the bitterness of Wassily Leontief: Intention and reception of input-output techniques, 1940s-1950sCarret, Vincent
2022Women and economics: New historical perspectivesChassonnery-Zaïgouche, Cléo; Forget, Evelyn L.; Singleton, John D.
2022"Writing history as a way of life": The life and work of Margaret Garritsen de VriesLaskaridis, Christina
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 231