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2024Are biases contagious? The influence of communication on motivated beliefsGrunewald, Andreas; Klockmann, Victor; von Schenk, Alicia; von Siemens, Ferdinand
2023Credit as an instrument for growth: A monetary explanation of the Chinese growth storyBofinger, Peter; Geißendörfer, Lisa; Haas, Thomas; Mayer, Fabian
2023Cryptocurrency competition: An empirical test of Hayek's vision of private moniesMayer, Fabian; Bofinger, Peter
2023The carbon footprint of global trade imbalancesMahlkow, Hendrik; Wanner, Joschka
2023Performance of Renewable Energy Policies - Evidence from Germany's Transition to AuctionsGeßner, Daniel
2023R-star: A new approach to estimate the polar star of monetary policyBofinger, Peter; Haas, Thomas
2023Income misperception and populismAlbers, Thilo N. H.; Kersting, Felix; Kosse, Fabian
2022Discovering the true Schumpeter: New insights into the finance and growth nexusBofinger, Peter; Geißendörfer, Lisa; Haas, Thomas; Mayer, Fabian
2020CBDC: A systemic perspectiveBofinger, Peter; Haas, Thomas
2019The corporate saving glut and the current account in GermanyKlug, Thorsten; Mayer, Eric; Schuler, Tobias
2018A simple microeconomic model for the analysis of VollgeldBofinger, Peter; Haas, Thomas
2017A model of the market for bank credit: The case of GermanyBofinger, Peter; Maas, Daniel; Ries, Mathias
2016The lack of a European public sphere in the debate on the European sovereign debt crisisOtto, Kim; Köhler, Andreas
2016A European public sphere in coverage of the Greek sovereign debt crisis in the news programmes of ARD and ZDFOtto, Kim; Köhler, Andreas
2015Current account dynamics and the housing boom and bust cycle in SpainMaas, Daniel; Mayer, Eric; Rüth, Sebastian
2015Income inequality, economic growth, and the effect of redistributionGründler, Klaus; Scheuermeyer, Philipp
2014Towards a consumer sentiment channel of monetary policyDebes, Sebastian; Gareis, Johannes; Mayer, Eric; Rüth, Sebastian
2014Total factor productivity and the propagation of shocks: Empirical evidence and implications for the business cycleMayer, Eric; Rüth, Sebastian; Scharler, Johann
2014Fraktionale Kointegrationsbeziehungen zwischen Euribor-ZinssätzenDechert, Andreas
2012What drives Ireland's housing market? A Bayesian DSGE approachGareis, Johannes; Mayer, Eric
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 108
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