WIFO Working Papers, Österreichisches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung (WIFO)

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019 Assessing the economic content of direct and indirect business uncertainty measuresGlocker, Christian; Hölzl, Werner
2019 Monitoring sustainable energy development: A cross-country comparison of selected EU membersKettner, Claudia; Kletzan-Slamanig, Daniela; Köppl, Angela; Littig, Beate; Zielinska, Irina
2019 Keynes und die Finanzmärkte: Auf halbem Weg vom "homo oeconomicus" zum "homo humanus"Schulmeister, Stephan
2019 About time: The narrowing gender wage gap in AustriaBöheim, René; Fink, Marian; Zulehner, Christine
2019 Sustainability-oriented future EU funding: A European border carbon adjustmentKrenek, Alexander; Sommer, Mark; Schratzenstaller, Margit
2019 A Bayesian spatial autoregressive logit model with an empirical application to European regional FDI flowsKrisztin, Tamás; Piribauer, Philipp
2019 Tax-based own resources to finance the EU budget: Potential revenues, summary evaluation from a sustainability perspective, and implementation aspectsSchratzenstaller, Margit; Krenek, Alexander
2019 What explains aggregate telecom investments? Evidence from an EU-OECD panelFriesenbichler, Klaus S.
2019 ArmutsindexBock-Schappelwein, Julia
2019 Cutting red tape for trade in servicesKern, Milena; Pätzold, Jörg; Winner, Hannes
2019 The economic impact of long-term care servicesStreicher, Gerhard; Famira-Mühlberger, Ulrike; Firgo, Matthias
2019 The (anti-)competitive effect of intellectual property rightsPeneder, Michael; Thompson, Mark; Wörter, Martin
2019 Price elasticities and implied tax revenue for alcoholic beverages: Evidence from Poland, France and SpainBittschi, Benjamin; Fortin, Ines; Koch, Sebastian; Sellner, Richard; Loretz, Simon; Zwirn, Gregor
2019 A global financial transaction tax theory, practice and potential revenuesPekanov, Atanas; Schratzenstaller, Margit
2019 Policy recommendations on the gender effects of changes in tax bases, rates, and units: Results of microsimulation analyses for six selected EU member countriesFink, Marian; Janová, Jitka; Nerudová, Danuše; Pavel, Jan; Schratzenstaller, Margit; Sindermann-Sienkiewicz, Friedrich; Spielauer, Martin
2018 A multi-country approach to analysing the euro area output gapHuber, Florian; Piribauer, Philipp
2018 Carbon taxes at EU level: Introduction issues and barriersWeishaar, Stefan E.
2018 Social capital and migration intentions in post-communist countriesHuber, Peter; Mikula, Stepan
2018 Energy and carbon taxes in the EU: Empirical evidence with focus on the transport sectorKettner-Marx, Claudia; Kletzan-Slamanig, Daniela
2018 The status of climate policy integration in EU energy policyKettner-Marx, Claudia; Kletzan-Slamanig, Daniela
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 487