WIFO Working Papers, Österreichisches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung (WIFO)

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2024Assessing regional production potential to strengthen the security of supply in strategic productsFirgo, Matthias; Gabelberger, Fabian; Reinstaller, Andreas; Wolfmayr, Yvonne
2024Designing EU supply chain regulationFelbermayr, Gabriel; Friesenbichler, Klaus S.; Gerschberger, Markus; Klimek, Peter; Meyer, Birgit
2024Impact evaluation of a new counselling and support programme for unemployed with multiple placement obstaclesBöheim, René; Eppel, Rainer; Mahringer, Helmut
2024Active labour market policies: What works for the long-term unemployed?Eppel, Rainer; Huemer, Ulrike; Mahringer, Helmut; Schmoigl, Lukas
2023Don't stop believin': Heterogeneous updating of intergenerational mobility perceptions across income groupsSchwarz, Anna; Warum, Philipp
2023Integrated power and economic analysis of Austria's renewable electricity transformationGaugl, Robert; Sommer, Mark; Kettner, Claudia; Bachhiesl, Udo; Klatzer, Thomas Florian; Gruber, Lia; Böheim, Michael; Kratena, Kurt; Wogrin, Sonja
2023Energy, greenhouse gas emissions and climate policies: Austria and Poland comparedKletzan-Slamanig, Daniela; Kettner, Claudia
2023Trade in times of uncertaintyMatzner, Anna; Meyer, Birgit; Oberhofer, Harald
2023Production structure, tradability and fiscal spending multipliersCrespo Cuaresma, Jesús; Glocker, Christian
2023Klima- und umweltrelevante öffentliche Ausgaben in ÖsterreichKöppl, Angela; Schleicher, Stefan P.; Schratzenstaller, Margit
2023Stabilizing asset prices through transition from continuous trading to electronic auctionsSchulmeister, Stephan
2023Evolutionary economic policy and competitivenessPeneder, Michael
2023Propagation of price shocks to CPI inflation: The role of cross-demand dependenciesGlocker, Christian; Piribauer, Philipp
2023Transformation to a renewable electricity system in Austria: Insights from an integrated model analysisKettner, Claudia; Böheim, Michael; Sommer, Mark; Gaugl, Robert; Bachhiesl, Udo; Gruber, Lia; Klatzer, Thomas Florian; Wogrin, Sonja; Kratena, Kurt
2023Intangible capital as a production factor: Firm-level evidence from Austrian microdataFriesenbichler, Klaus S.; Kügler, Agnes; Schieber-Knöbl, Julia
2023Taxes and subsidies in EU energy policy: Fit for 55?Kettner, Claudia; Wretschitsch, Eva
2023Can green hydrogen exports contribute to regional economic development? Exploring scenarios from the Dutch-Brazilian green hydrogen corridor for the state of CearáCaiafa, Clara Rabelo; Pereira, Amaro Olimpio; Romijn, Henny; de Coninck, Heleen
2023Behavioral responses to inheritance taxation: A review of the empirical literatureSchratzenstaller, Margit
2022Dimensionen von Digitalisierung der Sozialpolitik in Österreich: Ein konzeptioneller DiskussionsbeitragAngel, Stefan
2022On the heterogeneous trade and welfare effects of GATT/WTO membershipFelbermayr, Gabriel; Larch, Mario; Yalçin, Erdal; Yotov, Yoto
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 570