WWWforEurope Working Papers

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016 Work-sharing for a sustainable economyZwickl, Klara; Disslbacher, Franziska; Stagl, Sigrid
2016 The Carbon Footprint of European Households and Income DistributionSommer, Mark; Kratena, Kurt
2016 Working hours in a period of low economic growthWalterskirchen, Ewald
2016 Sustainable Work: Seven case studies on social-ecological implications in EuropeAigner, Ernest; Sanchez, Lucia Baratech; Bernhardt, Desiree Alicia; Curnow, Benjamin; Hödl, Christian; Leonhardt, Heidi; Luo, Anran
2016 Towards a Stock-Flow Consistent Ecological MacroeconomicsJackson, Tim; Victor, Peter; Naqvi, Asjad
2016 Defining research gaps concerning the implementation of socio-ecological transitionWeiss, Teresa
2015 Eco-innovation and firm growth: Do green gazelles run faster? Microeconometric evidence from a sample of European firmsColombelli, Alessandra; Krafft, Jackie; Quatraro, Francesco
2015 Investment-specific vs Process Innovation in a CGE model of Environmental PolicyBaccianti, Claudio; Löschel, Andreas
2015 Welfare state adjustment to new social risks in the post-crisis scenario. A review with focus on the social investment perspectiveLeoni, Thomas
2015 Achieving absolute decoupling? Comparing biophysical scenarios and macro-economic modelling resultsWiedenhofer, Dominik; Fischer-Kowalski, Marina
2015 Macroeconomic imbalances and institutional reforms in the EMUEderer, Stefan
2015 Regulatory push-pull effects on innovation: an evaluation of the effects of the REACH regulation on patents in the chemical sectorGhisetti, Claudia; Quatraro, Francesco
2015 Taxonomy of implemented policy instruments to foster the production of green technologies and improve environmental and economic performanceCrespi, Francesco; Ghisetti, Claudia; Quatraro, Francesco
2015 The impact of welfare benefits on natives' and immigrants' attitudes towards immigrationHuber, Peter; Oberdabernig, Doris A.
2015 Testing innovation, employment and distributional impacts of climate policy packages in a macro-evolutionary systems settingRengs, Bernhard; Scholz-Wäckerle, Manuel; Gazheli, Ardjan; Antal, Miklós; van den Bergh, Jeroen
2015 Competitiveness and Clusters: Implications for a New European Growth StrategyKetels, Christian
2015 The Role of Cities in the Socio-Ecological Transition of Europe (ROCSET)Sauer, Thomas; Barnebeck, Stephanie; Kalff, Yannick; Schicklinski, Judith; Elsen, Susanne; Garzillo, Cristina; Hopp, Johanna; Kuhn, Stefan
2015 Credibility of the REACH Regulation: Lessons Drawn from an ABMArfaoui, Nabila; Brouillat, Eric; Saint Jean, Maïder
2015 Policy autonomy, coordination or harmonization in the persistently heterogeneous European Union?Kouba, Ludek; Mádr, Michal; Nerudová, Danuše; Rozmahel, Petr
2015 The economics of gender equality; a review of the literature in three propositions and two questionsPlantenga, Janneke
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 114