ADB Economics Working Paper Series, Asian Development Bank (ADB)

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020 Exchange rates and insulation in emerging marketsEichengreen, Barry; Park, Donghyun; Ramayandi, Arief; Shin, Kwanho
2020 Attraction or repulsion? Testing coagglomeration of innovation between firm and universityRudkin, Simon; He, Ming; Chen, Yang
2020 Bank efficiency and the bond markets: Evidence from the Asia and Pacific regionPark, Donghyun; Tian, Shu; Wu, Qiongbing
2020 Conditions for effective macroprudential policy interventionsKhan, Fahad; Ramayandi, Arief; Schröder, Marcel
2020 Global Bitcoin Markets and Local RegulationsPark, Cyn-Young; Tian, Shu; Zhao, Bo
2020 Determinants of peer-to-peer lending expansion: The roles of financial development and financial literacyOh, Eun Young; Rosenkranz, Peter
2020 Propagation of positive effects of postdisaster policies through supply chains: Evidence from the Great East Japan Earthquake and TsunamiKashiwagi, Yuzuka; Todo, Yasuyuki
2020 Education, skill training, and lifelong learning in the era of technological revolutionKim, Jinyoung; Park, Cyn-Young
2020 Over land and over sea: Domestic trade frictions in the PhilippinesGo, Eugenia
2020 Three decades of international financial crises: What have we learned and what still needs to be done?Buckley, Ross P.; Avgouleas, Emilios; Arner, Douglas W.
2020 Urban agglomeration and firm innovation: Evidence from AsiaChen, Liming; Hasan, Rana; Jiang, Yi
2020 Limited impact of business development programs on profitability in the presence of ambiguity aversionShapiro, Dmitry
2020 Demographic change, technological advances, and growth: A cross-country analysisPark, Cyn-Young; Shin, Kwanho; Kikkawa, Aiko
2020 Taking education to the next level: What can be learned from benchmarking education across economies?Chun, Natalie; Gentile, Elisabetta
2019 The growth impact of disasters in developing AsiaDagli, Suzette; Ferrarini, Benno
2019 Financial shocks and exchange market pressurePatnaik, Ila; Pundit, Madhavi
2019 Rethinking the limits of climate change adaptationJamero, Ma. Laurice; Esteban, Miguel; Chadwick, Christopher; Onuki, Motoharu
2019 Targeted cash transfers, credit constraints, and ethnic migration in the People's Republic of ChinaHowell, Anthony
2019 New technology and emerging occupations: Evidence from AsiaKhatiwada, Sameer; Maceda Veloso, Mia Kim
2019 Changing vulnerability in Asia: Contagion and systemic riskDungey, Mardi H.; Kangogo, Moses; Volkov, V. V.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 491