Hohenheim Discussion Papers in Business, Economics and Social Sciences, Universität Hohenheim

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2018 Competitiveness at the country-sector level: New measures based on global value chainsMarczak, Martyna; Beissinger, Thomas
2018 Die wirtschaftlichen Folgen der AutomatisierungPrettner, Klaus; Geiger, Niels; Schwarzer, Johannes
2018 Testing for cointegration with threshold adjustment in the presence of structural breaksSchweikert, Karsten
2018 The whole is greater than the sum of its parts: Pricing pressure indices for mergers of vertically integrated firmsTrost, Michael
2018 Price regulations and price adjustment dynamics: Evidence from the Austrian retail fuel marketFasoula, Evanthia; Schweikert, Karsten
2018 WeChat - using social media for the assessment of tourist preferences for environmental improvements in ChinaAhlheim, Michael; Neidhardt, Jan; Siepmann, Ute; Yu, Xiaomin
2018 The international sales accelerator: A project management tool for improving sales performance in foreign target marketsGerybadze, Alexander; Wiesenauer, Simone
2018 Automatisierung, Wachstum und UngleichheitGeiger, Niels; Prettner, Klaus; Schwarzer, Johannes A.
2018 Unconventional views on inflation control: Forward guidance, the Neo-Fisherian approach, and the fiscal theory of the price levelSpahn, Peter
2018 Three pillars of urbanization: Migration, aging, and growthGrafeneder-Weissteiner, Theresa; Prettner, Klaus; Südekum, Jens
2018 Perceived wages and the gender gap in STEM fieldsOsikominu, Aderonke; Pfeifer, Gregor
2018 Founder CEOs and new venture media coverageHoward, Michael D.; Kolb, Johannes
2018 Does size matter? Implications of household size for economic growth and convergenceKufenko, Vadim; Geloso, Vincent; Prettner, Klaus
2018 The size of the middle class and educational outcomes: Theory and evidence from the Indian subcontinentPrettner, Klaus; Seiffert, Sebastian
2017 Endogenous technology, matching, and labor unions: Does low-skilled immigration affect the technological alignment of the host country?Cords, Dario
2017 Doctoral consortium of the 17th International Conference on Group Decision and NegotiationSchoop, Mareike; Kilgour, D. Marc
2017 On the possibility of automation-induced stagnationGasteiger, Emanuel; Prettner, Klaus
2017 The lost race against the machine: Automation, education and inequality in an R&D-based growth modelPrettner, Klaus; Strulik, Holger
2017 Labour as a utility measure reconsideredAhlheim, Michael; Frör, Oliver; Nguyen Minh Duc; Rehl, Antonia; Siepmann, Ute; Pham Van Dinh
2017 Gun violence in the U.S.: Correlates and causesKukharskyy, Bohdan; Seiffert, Sebastian
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 81
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