Jena Economic Research Papers, Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena

ISSN: 1864-7057

Diese Sammlung enthält die Jena Economic Research Papers ab dem Jahrgang 2015. Die von 2007 bis 2014 innerhalb dieser Reihe erschienenen Papiere sind hier zu finden:

This collection contains the Jena Economic Research Papers from the year 2015 on. The papers published from 2007 to 2014 can be found here:

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2022 Revisiting innovation typology: A systemic approachKnuepling, Louis; Wessendorf, Colin; Basilico, Stefano
2022 Outcomes of science-industry collaboration: Factors and interdependenciesCantner, Uwe; Kalthaus, Martin; Yarullina, Indira
2021 Democracy, interest groups and compliance with the Kyoto ProtocolAl Doyaili-Wangler, Sarah
2021 Framing of economic news and policy support during a pandemic: Evidence from an information experimentBareinz, Patrick; Koenings, Fabian
2021 ICT's wide web: a system-level analysis of ICT's industrial diffusion with algorithmic linksPrytkova, Ekaterina
2021 Corruption and access to socio-economic services in AfricaFreytag, Andreas; Riaz, Muhammad Faraz
2021 TV and entrepreneurshipSlavtchev, Viktor; Wyrwich, Michael
2021 Policy influence in the knowledge space: A regional applicationBasilico, Stefano; Cantner, Uwe; Graf, Holger
2021 I win it's fair, you win it's not: Selective heeding of merit in ambiguous settingsKandul, Serhiy; Nikolaychuk, Olexandr
2021 Learn German, buy German? Language-learning opportunities abroad and exportsFieles-Ahmad, Omar Martin; Huber, Matthias
2021 Culture and collaboration - an underestimated power!? The effect of regional culture on the research collaboration propensity in European regionsSöllner, Cathrin
2021 The poverty effect of democratizationDörffel, Christoph; Freytag, Andreas
2021 The economic effects of private equity buyoutsDavis, Steven J.; Haltiwanger, John C.; Handley, Kyle; Lipsius, Ben; Lerner, Joshua; Miranda, Javier
2021 Can there be too much information? Heterogeneous responses to information on benefits from language proficiencyKönings, Fabian
2021 A procedural perspective on academic spin-off creation: The changing relevance of academic and commercial logicsCantner, Uwe; Doerr, Philip; Göthner, Maximilian; Huegel, Matthias; Kalthaus, Martin
2021 The poverty effect of democratization: Disaggregating democratic institutionsDörffel, Christoph
2021 Language learning: Human capital investment or consumption?Huber, Matthias; Übelmesser, Silke
2021 The COVID-19 pandemic and entrepreneurship in Germany: First observations and interpretationsFritsch, Michael; Greve, Maria; Wyrwich, Michael
2021 Long-term decline of regions and the rise of populism: The case of GermanyGreve, Maria; Fritsch, Michael; Wyrwich, Michael
2021 Immigration and entrepreneurship in the United StatesAzoulay, Pierre; Jones, Benjamin F.; Kim, J. Daniel; Miranda, Javier
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 135