CERS-IE Working Papers, Institute of Economics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020 Korai és időskori halálozások különbségei Európában a 2000-es évek első évtizedébenLackó, Mária
2020 Termelékenység, innováció és külkereskedelem magyar vállalati adatok alapjánHalpern, László
2020 Temperature, climate change, and human conception rates: Evidence from HungaryHajdu, Tamás; Hajdu, Gábor
2020 Pareto optimal coalitions of fixed sizeCseh, Ágnes; Fleiner, Tamás; Harján, Petra
2020 Apportionment and districting by sum of ranking differencesSziklai, Balázs R.; Héberger, Károly
2020 Mass media coverage and vaccination uptake: Evidence from the demand for meningococcal vaccinations in HungaryBíró, Anikó; Szabó-Morvai, Ágnes
2020 The stable marriage problem with ties and restricted edgesCseh, Ágnes; Heeger, Klaus
2020 Do individuals with children value the future more?Horn, Dániel; Kiss, Hubert János
2020 On the welfare effects of differential pricingAntal-Pomázi, Krisztina
2020 Trading networks with frictionsFleiner, Tamás; Jagadeesan, Ravi; Jankó, Zsuzsanna; Teytelboym, Alexander
2020 Patient democracies?Khayouti, Sára; Kiss, Hubert János; Horn, Dániel
2020 Does trust associate with political regime?Khayouti, Sára; Kiss, Hubert János; Horn, Dániel
2020 Complexity of finding Pareto-efficient allocations of highest welfareBiró, Péter; Gudmundsson, Jens
2020 The role of place and income in life expectancy inequality: Evidence from HungaryBíró, Anikó; Hajdu, Tamás; Kertesi, Gábor; Prinz, Daniel
2020 Understanding popular matchings via stable matchingsCseh, Ágnes; Faenza, Yuri; Kavitha, Telikepalli; Powers, Vladlena
2020 Popular matchings in complete graphsCseh, Ágnes; Kavitha, Telikepalli
2020 Pairwise preferences in the stable marriage problemCseh, Ágnes; Juhos, Attila
2020 Indexing public pensions in progress to wages or pricesSimonovits, András
2020 On the Shapley value of liability gamesCsóka, Péter; Illés, Ferenc; Solymosi, Tamás
2020 Does political pressure on "gender" engender danger for scientific research? Evidence from a randomized controlled trialLénárd, Tünde; Horn, Dániel; Kiss, Hubert János
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 556